Monday, December 31, 2012

Hello 2013

This year's new years celebration is very uneventful compared to last year. Last year had food, fireworks, and music, and this year, my family's just... jamming. My brothers are playing TF2; parents are watching TV, I'm blogging (as usual), and my little sister is doing who knows what. Our midnight snacks comprise of sandwiches (Nutella and spam). Our music, meanwhile, is an odd mixture of firework sounds and team fortress special effects.

Strangely enough, it doesn't feel like any less of a new year.

Anyway, I'm writing this to record what my family is doing, however boring it might be, because these things tend to become nostalgic and wonderful over time.

Anyway, Bea here signing off. I don't want to miss the countdown.

2013 Motto: Carpe Diem!


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Personally, I don't really buy the doomsday theories and shiz, but the post was fun to write! :)

A day before doomsday

First of all, dear reader, you will have to understand that this post was written on December 20, 2012 at 1:19 pm- one day before the supposed end of the world. I'm writing this on behalf of all human beings who were alive at this point in time. I'm writing this in case a few of our race survived or evolved into a new species. I write this to tell you what has been happening here and the insanity that has ensued.

At this point, anything could happen. Scientific evidence leads us to believe that nothing will happen tomorrow. NASA even made a video that 'ensures' why the world won't end. Nevertheless, in case all of these organizations were wrong; in case the Mayans did know what they were doing; in case you, dear reader, are a new species I can't pretend to ever be able to comprehend, you have me to thank for.

On the other hand, if everything goes swell, and December 21, 2012 ended up being another average Christmas day, this was really fun to write; and who knows, could be featured in a museum sometime in the future.

Some A good number of us has been sent into panic- a firsthand example being a classmate of mine who cries every time 'end of the world' is mentioned. The other half, meanwhile, end up ranting about how stupid and silly everyone is being. Then, there are people like me who are fine with anything- end of the world or not.

Whatever happens tomorrow, know that the human race was incredible; that it was brilliant; that it created a lot of things; that it changed how the earth itself functioned; above all, know that the human race will not have gone down without a fight.


The usual morning lineup...

Story of my life.
Because, really, when will my life begin?
I feel like I'm waiting for something to happen. My life is waiting for an adventure.

I mean it in the sense that most of my friends have deep, tragic stories and events that changed their lives forever, and here I am... waving a "Hey, I'm a happy person" flag. Not that nothing bad has ever happened to me. I've had my share of depression days, of course, but they've come and gone, and I wasn't severely affected by them.

Everyone else has these sob stories of them loving someone for 7777 years, and being friend zoned, and having to deal with the pain everyday and pretend it's okay-- that sort. Or having abusive parents who never really cared for them.

Not me. I had a happy childhood; only had 2 crushes in my entire life (pitiful, I know); did the friend zoning...

And this in turn makes me wonder if my life is that pitiful, or if it's me.
I do have family problems. Not the abusive parents kind, but if there's anyone at home who squabbles with my parent's the most, it's me. Let's call me the black ship. I am the kind of person who speaks her mind bluntly and shamelessly, and sometimes this gets interpreted as disrespect. That and other things I'd rather not talk about. But situations have been turned against me, and I know for a fact that there have been times in which things were not fair.

What I'm saying is that it's not always paradise here at home, but for some reason, I can cope with it. I really can. I can brush things off and carry on with being the happy person I am.

And there are only two ways that is possible. Either I really am a strong person, or I don't have it as rough as others. I'm willing to bet on both.

Another thing that might have contributed to my non-eventful life is my logicality. I'm not a stupid girl, and I don't fall in love easily. Actually, I don't fall in love at  all (or yet). I won't rush into things and I more or less won't do anything stupid. The bad thing about that is that playing safe doesn't get you very far.

Maybe it's time to start taking risks. It's high time for me to escape mother Gothel's tower. And perhaps I'll find my prince charming, or get captured by villains-- it'll be an adventure either way.

Life, come at me.


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dignity, I found out, comes with a high price

It is never a good idea to post a 'vain' photo of a girl, and make parody shots out of it. Especially when that girl is PMSing. Especially when the said girl isn't really vain, and the pictures were the only ones she took in her entire laptop career. Especially when she took those photos for very specific purposes such as testing her laptop camera.

But that didn't stop my brother. Neither did his conscience, which I now know is nonexistent.

It was a horrible, horrible deed, and it came with a price-- which, unfortunately, was my dignity.

Sigh. It also reduced me to a wailing dignity-less turtle for the rest of the day.

I wasn't even doing any duck faces or those weird camera angles. I was simply SMILING. But my brother made it look like I was one of those girls (no offense).

I made my mom force my brother into deleting the said photo before any other people saw it (2-3 have already). Still, what's been posted has been posted, and if there's anything I've learned in my years of using the internet, what gets uploaded can never be totally removed.

The internet leaves traces, people. That's the sad truth.

I just hope I was able to get it down before anyone was able to download it.

And where am I now, you ask? Here in the bathroom floor typing this entire thing before I forget.

It's also a good way to release my peelings! You read that right.

Back to the topic, think before you post, and don't ever leave your Facebook account open.

And if you can, move on with your life. :(


Monday, November 26, 2012

The only reason why I always get blamed is because I'm the one most unwilling to show vulnerability

Sadness Among The Blissful

How can one be so lonely and adored?
Remembered and forgotten?
So close yet so distant?
Constant and changing?
Bright and dim?
Laid out and mysterious?
Obscure but apparent?
So high and low?
Following you around but unreachable?


Friday, November 23, 2012

Thank You

I think I'm having sad thoughts again tonight. Either that, or I'm ecstatic, deep in thought, or furious.

Even though I have a lot of things I regret, I thank God for simply being there. I thank Him for the other half of my decisions- the ones I got right. I thank Him for giving me a wonderful life-- the best life one could ever imagine. I thank Him for giving me hope, for creating me the way I am.

Thank You.



In a world where I tried harder, things might have turned out differently.
I regret not listening.
I regret not taking it.
I regret being stubborn, arrogant, and lazy.
I regret not thinking hard enough.
I regret not looking far enough.

But they didn't


Believe, and it will happen.

Tell yourself that because it's more or less true.
Believe what they say about you.
Then maybe you won't be so blue.
And be a bright red for once.

Don't fret; just.
And this, too, will pass.
But right now; alas!
Turn it into dust.

Believe, and it will happen.


Don't doubt.
Just shout.
For a reason.
This season.
Shut up.
Please not.
I'm sorry.
Don't worry.
Not crazy.
Simply shaky.
This poem.
Makes perfect sense.


Positivity To Pass Around

I can do this. I can do this. I can do this. Oh boy. Oh boy. Oh boy. I CAN FREAKING DO THIS.
Breathe, Bea, breathe.

You. can. You can.


Not making sense, am I?

Just.... please happen, and please please please happen.

xoxo :|

Monday, November 19, 2012

Bea's Christmas List (2012)

1.) Sonic Screwdriver
2.) Bow tie
3.) Suspenders (I seriously, seriously want some!)
4.) Harry Potter Lego (preferably Hogwarts)
5.) One Direction tickets (Ha! Fat chance!)
6.) One Republic or Paramore album
7.) 50+ reviews
8.) Pogo-stick (yes, still wishing on that.)
9.) Nerd glasses (NEED! :D )
10.) Fez (how could I forget?!)
11.) Jollibee street kids to be okay.

Obviously, my Doctor Who addiction has affected this year's christmas list greatly :P.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

I want girls to look at mirrors and say, "Hello Gorgeous"

Because you are. Everyone is. Don't ever allow anyone to step over you and tell you otherwise because they're lying.

Smile and do what makes you happy. Remember that someone out there is experiencing the same things you are, and someone out there knows exactly how you feel.

Don't let their opinions get to you. Repeat this blog's mantra again and again until it's drilled properly in your head. Frame it if you have to.

You don't need perfect skin or a slim figure to be beautiful.

Be positive.


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sembreak Has Begun

I'm freeeeeeeeeeee.

Free like a butterfly!
I literally pranced around my house, running to empty rooms and screaming "I'm freeeeeeeee" before everything went down and the house lost power.

I spent the entire afternoon trying to find ways to entertain myself and not die because one can only live without technology for so long. Worst of all, my ipod touch and laptop batteries died and I had nothing but an old Nokia phone to keep me busy (not that I hate it, of course. I wouldn't trade my 3 year old phone for all the smartphones in the world). Ironic, because I have NO texting life. Zero. Zippo. Dead.

After jumping around the house (yet again) and venting out my frustration in general, I... well... tried to keep myself busy.

With the piano.

And after that, I went biking. It's been a really long time since I last rode a bike. I'd forgotten how wonderful the feeling is-- the feeling of wind drifting through your face and letting it set your hair free. And you sit on the bike, feeling like you can conquer the world and nothing can stop you if they tried. But because it's been a year (a year!) since I last rode a bike and half a year since I last got decent exercise, the biking drained me.

Next up, I decided to read Artemis Fowl. The funny thing about me and Artemis Fowl is that I've always tried to read it a day before a trip. I never get through the first part because I find it utterly boring (sue me!) and by the time I've (probably) finished the 'boring' part, I've already bought new books that will have kept me entertained and I end up forgetting about it. Yes, I'm going on a trip tomorrow. The cycle repeats.

After that, I watched my brother play minecraft, singing a Harry Potter song and freaking him out.

And the power finally, finally came back. About time, too. My brother and I yelled at the same time and I was like, "I LIVED THROUGH IT!"

And everything's been good. :)


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Rare Moments of Uncertainty

I don't know. I can't understand how I ever let this happen. It's always been me. I've always been one of the arrogant people who are always right and who know what they're good at. It was supposed to be me. And now it's her. Not that I hold anything against her. I was my fault. My stupid belief that things would go well. And, if you read between the thoughts, my stupid belief that I could do anything. Hubris, if you must. In my arrogance, I fell.

I smile and pretend it's nothing- to the extent that I've even fooled myself. But who am I kidding? It was mine for the taking and it slipped past me. I'm sad and confused and mad at myself at the same time.

Stupid, stupid, stupid girl.

Not that I won't ever get over this. Of course I will. But this incident will definitely be remembered as one of the rare occasions in which I doubted myself; in which I, the perfectionist, failed.


Ps: This has nothing to do with romance or anything of that sort. Far from it, actually.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I've been reading my last post

And siriusly, I sound like this... emotional hippie. lol. Spread the love~
Anyway, It's the first day of school.
I might do a post about it later. After I do a Perks-Of-Being-A-Wallflower-Appreciation One.
Besides, I'm a bit preoccupied with writing right now.

To my non-existent readers, I love you very much for putting up with the crap I write (Yes. I can't believe I just swore!)

Just a note. :)


Friday, June 8, 2012

The End Of Summer

It's 1:30 am right now, and I just decided that I want to blog. About what? I don't know yet, but there was this sudden urge that took me, and I knew that i had to act on it. This is probably a bad idea (very bad indeed), because we will have to get up at 5:00am tomorrow... or later in this case... but there has always been this careless rebel within me who doesn't pay attention to the consequences, and thinks impulsively (and it's rather contradictory to what people perceive me to be. Yes, they think I am this goody-two-shoes rich kid, which, in some aspects, I might be. But to think of ME as a purely girly goody-goody who is scared of the rules is wrong. Very wrong. Those people don't know me). Anyway, I am using an itouch right now, so sorry in advance for any typos, etc.

Summer has turned me into an insomniac. It made me nocturnal. It gave me so many new experiences, and made me discover myself more. In my last blog post, I wrote about my summer plans, and what was going to happen after summer... and now, summer is only a week from ending. School's starting. It makes me slightly sad to think about this. But it also makes me excited. I realized somewhere along the days of summer, that I loved my classmates. We are the most rebellious class in High School (my teachers would assure you that), but we genuinely care for and love each other. They freaking cared about me, and I really did miss every single person in my class (except for two annoying guys, but I don't want to go into detail about them).

I went to a summer enrichment program. What was so bad about it was that everyone, and I mean everyone else, were classmates from another school and knew each other. I was the odd one out. And it isn't because they were a bunch of mean kids that I felt lonely, awkward, etc.. It was because they were strangers-- strangers who knew each other, and people from a class that wasn't mine. They probably thought I was really soft and nice... extremely shy... and a bit snotty. They didn't know the real me. They didn't make me comfortable. (But I did meet one or two people who had the same vibes as I did, and those were the real friends I made.)

My summer was fun... Really short, but fun. I didn't do everything I wanted to, but honestly, could anyone have?

It gave me the time to enrich myself, do things I genuinely wanted to do, improve the things I am good at.

Summer Bea had a blast, and I hope she stays with me forever. And... Though it wasn't as long as I wanted it to be... I thank summer for a lot of things--- mainly, for helping me rediscover myself in ways I had never imagined.

I really do have to sleep now... It's 2:05 AM... And my parents will kill me if they wake up and find me still awake.

I've got three hours of sleep left.

I'll survive.


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Summer Plans

It has been well over a month since my last post here, but that's okay since nobody reads this crap, anyway. Right?
So to my nonexistent readers, school's done (well, almost). It's SUMMER VACATION! *Plays "What Time Is It?" in HSM 2.*
Yesterday, I tried to paint Hermione Granger in an old t-shirt, because I wanted to sell a merchandise this summer, so I was practicing, but it turned out to be an epic fail. The paint was too old. The brush was too dry. And a bunch of other excuses. Blah. Blah. Blah.
I will be very busy over the summer... doing the things I missed last summer (when I was in China). Like writing fan fiction. Reading MORE books. Playing the piano like a boss. Improving my art skills (I want to study charcoal drawing, and portraits). Reading more manga. Oh, and getting more followers on twitter, which is @yellbea by the way.

It's raining  right now, and I just had to mention this, even though it is irrelevant to this blog post. Because, in case you didn't know, I absolutely love the rain. And I guess I don't completely hate Climate Change, because, then, I wouldn't be able to enjoy the rain during summertime. (I'm assuming all the changes in the weather, like it being HOT in December, and a lot of rain in March, is because of Climate Change. Don't bother correcting me if I'm wrong. I'm bound to find out somehow.) But enough of that. Summer Summer Summer...

My room's being cleaned right now, like spring cleaning maybe, except we don't have spring here. All my art materials are... like... sprawled on the floor, and it makes my room a bit messy, which is fine by me, because artists should be messy. (Yes, I do consider myself as an artist. The egotistic side of me simply cannot have it otherwise).

I think this will be an important summer for me. One of the most important in my life. Because, it's kind of like an endpoint... in a way. This is kind of hard to explain. It's like... the end of summer is a cliff. Time is running normally until the end of summer, and after summer... time will speed up. Sucks, I know. I don't want to grow up. And... ew. I'm going to be OLD after summer time. I don't want to grow up. I want time to freeze, and I want to live in neverland. I feel like college, and my future... like I will see them below the cliff. And I'm approaching the cliff right now. It's so close...

Wait. No more dark thoughts for me. I blame it on the rain.

ANYWAY, THE HUNGER GAMES will be showing tomorrow. YAY. I am super excited. Pee my pants excited (except, I wouldn't do that). It will not disappoint. It will not disappoint.
Also, I am going to HARRY POTTER WORLD! How awesome is that???? I get to drink Butterbeer, and go around Hogwarts... and Hogsmeade... and THAT IS JUST FREAKIN' AWESOME. So excited I might ACTUALLY pee in my pants (haha jk).

And there. My plans for summer all laid out for you, my imaginary friends. I need to take a shower right now. It's like.... 2:00pm. I woke up at 12... which is another advantage of Summer. I get to sleep late, and STILL get more hours of sleep than on school time. No curfew. No eyebugs. No sense of time. Fun. Fun. Fun.

So... Thanks for reading. :)


Saturday, February 4, 2012


I was gonna blog about our 5th national tour to Cebu and Bohol, which was 75% fun by the way, but I changed my mind. I'm too lazy to narrate our oh-so-interesting adventure there.
Anyway, I recently got addicted to this band.
Which starts with P and ends with MORE.
Nah, I was kidding, and even though that "joke" was as corny as it could get, it randomly popped into my mind.
And so I HAD to type it.
Anyway, everyone can pretty much guess what it was, at first sight.
Seriously? Paramore.

Probably because it's not too rock-ish, or it's not trying too hard to ROCK.

You see, I usually don't like noisy rock songs. The ones with crazy drum combos, electric guitar, and screaming. Lots of screaming.

I've never really appreciated ROCK (as a genre), but Paramore changed me, in some ways.

My addiction was the gradual kind, where I randomly listened to The Only Exception.
Only to find myself listening to it again later that day. And later that evening.
And the next day.
And then "randomly" searching for other awesome Paramore songs.
And then listening to That's What You Get.
Again. And Again. And Again.
And then listening to other Paramore songs.
And the cycle goes on and on.
And then one day, I just realize.
WOW. I'm hooked.

Hayley Williams is just so inspiring, you know? She wears nothing but t-shirts, pants, and converse, but she stands out. All she does is sing and flip her hair, and yet we can immediately see her rocker attitude.

PARAMORE is an awesome band.
And I feel bad for appreciating it only now.
Oh, the years I wasted. :P


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Priority Books

You see, I've got a REALLY long reading list, because sometimes, I don't have enough time to read (shocking). I'm the kind of person who's ALWAYS busy. Schoolwork, art, computer, anything. And so, I can't go around reading all the books I want to. And I know the saying, "If there's a will, therems a way", but i cant "will" reading everyday. Because, something will have to be sacrificed (sleep, grades, etc). Anyway, my "TOP PRIORITY BOOKS" right now are "Pride and Prejudice" and "Lord of the Rings" (okay, fine, book series). I just finished to Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, and imma talk about it in a later post, maybe. Sometimes, I feel like a jack of all trades, you know? Because I'm so busy, I can't concentrate on one thing only. I am a good piano player, but my note reading's not that fast. I'm athletic (in the running and swimming aspect) but I don't train everyday. I love to read books, but compared to some people, my book reading age is "young". I can write well, but I know I could be a way better writer if I wrote a lot more. Ugh. This is all so frustrating.

Woah. Those last sentences were off topic.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Practice Writing: Suspense

Sometimes, when there's no wifi (and so there is nothing to do), and I'm bored, I do this thing called "practice writing" in my iPod touch. It's when I write a random story, or opening, just so I could practice on a particular "feeling" or "genre" (if that's the word). I write anything that pops into my head, and just make things flow.

Here's a Practice Writing Thing I Wrote on the Airport

I woke to the sound of quick rain drops beating on the bedroom window. I jerked awake, eyes wide open, and scanned the room, looking for the intruder. Darkness. Apprehension filled me up inside. My eyes circled the dark corners, until I was certain I was alone.
I was alone.
I breathed a sigh of relief.
I was sure it would be tonight. I lay back and pulled the covers on me, knowing full well this would be another one of those sleepless nights. The pillow was soft under my head as I gazed at the ceiling to think.
It was the nightmare, I realized. It was the nightmare that woke me up. Not any ordinary nightmare, because it was always the same one. I shuddered as I remembered the intense details, the vivid images that consumed me in my sleep. The nightmare, in so many ways, was worse than reality.
I was running again. Running towards the grassy plains of Nigrasa. Running away from them. Running away from him. The wolves, the wolves were chasing me. And no matter how far I run, I always ended up in the place I tried so hard to avoid. The jungle was my prison, and I could not free myself from its grasp. And the next thing I knew, I was falling. Falling down the dark shadow of a hole with no end. I kept screaming. Because I knew where I was headed next. And I knew who I would see. Him. His menacing laughter, chorused with the howls of the wolves, echoed through the darkness, filling up my ears, terrorizing me, until I woke up screaming.
I looked at the alarm clock. 5:00 A.M. It was early morn, only an hour before my usual wake up time. It was going to be a long day.
I glanced at the window again, making sure nothing was there. And despite the present circumstances, i smiled a bit to myself. It looks like I would live today. I wasn't dead yet.
My name is Aderna Collins, 14 years old, and a sophomore in Fortuna High. Up until a few months ago, my life was completely normal. By normal, i mean a life not involving psychopathic werewolves, and cursed bodies. A life where you don't have to worry about keeping alive until tomorrow. A life not involving him. Its a mad goose chase out there, and the odds were not in my favor. Everyday could be my death, or my life. Everyday was a risk to take.
Still, I have to keep moving, keep breathing, and i have to keep myself alive. Because this is my last chance, an I'm not going to ruin it again.


Saturday, January 7, 2012

This Week's Doodles

Here's the thing.
I love to draw. Anywhere. Anytime.
Doodle. Sketch. Cartoon. Everything.
I draw on pad papers, my notebooks, my books, my ARM.
Here are a bunch of stuff I drew today and yesterday.
Just wanted to post them here. :)

Drawn yesterday morning in my Chinese book. I like her eyes. :)))

Drawn this morning, in the next page of my Chinese book. LOL. You know that sort of anime scene, where a really pretty girl with long hair jumps at night, and you see the dark sky, and usually a moon behind her? I wanted to create something like it. Anyway, the hand's not really well drawn, but I suck at hands , so it's pretty ok. No feet cause I think it will ruin the drawing, and I wan't able to put eyes, 'cause it's hard to draw without teacher noticing.
I really like this drawing. Drawn yesterday. I was actually going to draw a uniform only, but  I ended up adding arms, legs, and the rest of the body. Her eyes are covered by her bangs, and I love her hair. What I love the most though, is that hot sadistic smile. Mann, she's sadist.
Here is a zoomed in version. Don't you love that smile? :)

It's just that, one second my hand is still, and the next second, it's working on it's next masterpiece. I sometimes draw unconsciously. I swear my hands have a mind of their own.


Friday, January 6, 2012

Teachers are Sadist

Okay, not all of them, but some of them are.
Seriously, I don't understand WHY they do that. Making life 10x harder for us, just because they can. Do they feel so low in life, that torturing us makes them feel superior, thus relieving their pain? Why do they feel like everyone is out to get them? Or are they just THIS insecure? What do they get from all this? Pleasure? Definitely sadist.

One of my teachers actually HAS an evil laugh. I am not joking. One day, if I ever decide to write a novel, I'm going to base someone on her, because she is the perfect villain role model.

Back to the topic, didn't they ever think for a second, that life might be easier (way easier) for them if they started being... Civil? I guess not.

Sometimes, I do feel sorry for them. I mean, their lives are so much worse than mine. So I shouldn't have a reason to hate or judge them. But, sometimes, they are so mean, so evil, you just can't. Ever get that feeling?

And do you ever get the thought, that one day, you will grow up, and be a rich, influential person, and get your "payback" on them?

I just really, hate those kinds of teachers, because teachers are supposed to be perfect, or almost perfect. I mean, they teach us most of the important things, and they are so knowledgable. And, teachers are... Mentors.

I don't think sadist teachers have no lives. I think the ones they DO have, sucks.


I can't Spell

Yes, it’s true. Arrest me.

Because no matter how hard I try, it’s just one of those things that is (way) beyond me. Something “Bea” doesn’t mix with. Like Singing, and dancing, and badminton, and being responsible. I can possibly be one of the worst spellers in my class (I think I am).

The truth is, I’m dyslexic. Cross that, I’ll keep crossing my fingers (and my toes) it isn’t true. I mean, how can I be a dyslexic bookworm, huh?

Anyway, you must be wondering why there aren’t any misspelled words in this post.

The secret lies in AUTO CORRECT.



Thursday, January 5, 2012

Safe and Sound

Safe and Sound

By Taylor Swift ft Civil Wars

I remember tears streaming down your face

When I said, I'll never let you go
When all those shadows almost killed your light
I remember you said, Don't leave me here alone
But all that's dead and gone and passed tonight

Just close your eyes
The sun is going down
You'll be alright
No one can hurt you now
Come morning light
You and I'll be safe and sound

Don't you dare look out your window darling
Everything's on fire
The war outside our door keeps raging on
Hold onto this lullaby
Even when the music's gone

Ooh, ooh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,

Ooh, ooh, oh, oh, oh, oh

Click the link above! :)

This song was created for the Hunger Games movie, and in case you don't know what The Hunger Games is, it is a book series by Suzanne Collins, and I really recommend you read it. It was one of those books that kept me hooked, and I couldn't put it down because it kept getting better and better, and more action-packed. Especially when they entered the arena. It was so good, in fact that someone decided to turn it into a movie.  And now, we fans are just freakin' excited for it.

But if you're a "reader", do NOT watch the trailer OR the movie, if you don't want spoilers. 

Anyway, with a trailer as awesome as that, who wouldn't be excited? I really hate it when the movie producers screw up the books (ahem, Percy Jackson, ahem), and change the plot, etc., just so that they could earn more money. And then we get rip offs of the original stories. Ugh.

And that's why I'm pretty excited about the Hunger Games movie. I mean, by the looks of the trailers, it looks like they got the important things right. (I don't expect them to get everything, or even almost everything right. I've been very disappointed in so many book-turned-movies, that my expectations have become very low. Harry Potter is an exception, of course)

So, a few weeks ago (I think), this song (which is the first one of the soundtrack) came out, and immediately became number 1 in the song charts. When I listened to this song, I first thought it was really good, but Taylor's voice doesn't suit it, or that there are many more voices that would have been better for it. Powerful, clear voices like Celine Deon's. And then I realized, the uploader of the video changed the pitch so it would not be copyrighted. When I listened to the TRUE song, well, fmdlkvmdlfldfbl it was awesome. :D

I close my eyes when I listen to this, imagining Prim and Katniss, when she (Katniss) volunteered to take her (Prim's) place at the games. No, I didn't cry, but that's only because I'm a cold-hearted freak. Seriously, I do not know what is wrong with me.

Anyway, I'm really excited for the rest of the soundtrack. I hope the other songs are as perfect as this one.

May the Odds Be Ever In Your Favor.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Don't break the Smolder

"They just can't get my nose right!"
-Flynn Rider

Man, I never get tired of that. Even though it's kind of corny. What can I say? I'm a sucker for Disney movies. Especially the older ones with princesses and princes and castles and crabs and sea witches. Wait, that's The Little Mermaid. Oops.
But, seriously, I AM. And so, it wouldn't be much of a surprise if I said I loved Tangled.
Gosh! Tangled. One of the best "new" Disney movies. (The other ones kind of suck. Seriously, Prom? Princess and the frog? Lemonade Mouth?) Disney got cornier and cornier until you couldn't take it anymore. And then, BAM! Tangled came out.
And Disney Magic was restored.
I know this post is, like, a year late, since Tangled came out last year (cross that--- last last year). And yes, I REALLY should have watched it last last year. (I gotta start remembering its 2012 right now!), but I was busy at that time... So... Yeah.
I read some of the reviews, and they said, something like, even though tangled was a success, enjoyable, etc, it was far from being the best "traditional" Disney film. It just couldn't compare to "Lion King", "Beauty and the Beast", "The Little Mermaid", etc. I don't really hate them for that, because it's kind of true. I mean, I think that we were all just craving for that kind of movie, or "Disney magic", that when Tangled came out, we were all... What's the word for it? :O wowed.
I loved everything. The plot. The characters. The animals. The songs. The hair. Even Mother Gothel. TANGLED, Y U SO AWESOME?

Favorite characters in Tangled:
1.) Flynn Rider
2.) Rapunzel
3.) Mother Gothel
4.) Pascal
5.) Maximus
6.) The guy who said, "Go, live your dream,"
7.) The guy who got Flynn's nose wrong.

Favorite Songs:
1.) Mother Knows Best
2.) The song they sing to the flower or Rapunzel's hair
3.) When will my life Begin
4.) Rapunzel and Eugene's theme song
5.) you've got a dream (not sure of the title)

Favorite Moments:
1.) "They just can't get my nose right"
2.) the smolder. :P
3.) when Rapunzel says no to her mother
4.) "I love you" "I love you more" "I love you most"
5.) "Did I tell you I have a thing for brunettes?"
6.) when Flynn cut her hair
7.) Maximus moments. Lol
8.) "And after many years of asking and asking and asking, I finally said yes."
9.) At the start, when pascal camouflages, while they are playing hide and seek.
10.) when Rapunzel is torn between being guilty and being rebellious.
11.) when they were almost drowning,
12.) boat scene. :)



A while ago, in school, my friends and I started talking about Blogs. Of how awesome they are. Of how expressive you can be. I didn't even know they had blogs. But, of course, that is the point of blogging, kinda. I love blogging. You can just about rant about anything, hate on anyone, and say everything you want to say, without the fear of being judged. Hell, I could even  FLY here if I wanted to. It is your adventure world (at least mine is), country, and haven.
Even though we talked all afternoon about blogs, my friends and I still do not know each other's blogs. Because BLOGS should be kept secret, or that is what I believe. There are public blogs, but the best, most personal ones, are the secret ones, because, come on, how could any of us "rant" our hearts out, if we knew someone was watching-slash-reading everything.
E V E R Y T H I N G.
This is my blog. This is MY WORLD. And I am not prepared to let it become one of those facebook profiles.

Where you are WATCHED.
Where you are JUDGED.
(okay, maybe I was exaggerating a little bit there)

Anyway, blogging is as fun as it gets. Expect me to blog more often, and I hope you have a good day.
Really. :)

My Lame Picture of the Firework/s.


I. am. very. annoyed.
And so I did not blog for about 2 days.
I. am. very. annoyed with. myself.
I typed it in my ipod touch, and then, I thought I saved it. Well, SILLY ME.
I mean, it had all sorts of things, like cake, and fireworks, and loud noises, and chocolate. And BAM, it's gone. Okay, I've got to stop ranting now.

Anyway, let's call "that" post "EMPOST"
Let's attend Empost's funeral (or whatever this is called):

RIP Empost
Born, December 31, 2011 (10:50pm)
Died, December 31, 2011 (11:55pm)
Cause of Death: Deleted
Her, she lies, forgotten by the world. May she rest in peace, and may everyone "read" her in the next world.

Woah. This is strangely like Ghostgirl (which is a book I read).
Anyway, lesson learned here: COPY, and SAVE, SAVE, SAVE. Do not make assumptions.

By the way, 2012, so far, has been AWESOME.
I hope it stays that way.

 Take a look at my Rapunzel (from Tangled) drawing. I JUST couldn't get the mouth right (Wink wink ;) ), so I changed it. Other than that, I'm pretty much satisfied with this drawing, though it's average. What can I say? I love Tangled!