Friday, February 25, 2011

Cookies and Percy Jackson


Today was a C-R-E-A-T-I-V-E day! :)). I woke up from a dream concerning me, a friend, and blue cookies. Anyway, I woke up and had a sudden craving for BLUE COOKIES (Crazy Idea). I don't know how to bake BLUE COOKIES (So if you have any idea how to, tell me @bearulez) except bake regular cookies and put food coloring (Won't it, then, be brownish-blue cookies?). I suddenly got this "INSPIRATION" (If that's what you call it) to make a blue paper-mache cookie. Right now, i'm waiting for it to DRY.

Remember my "Harry Potter and Percy Jackson tissue tubes"? Yeah, well I had this other idea. I took more empty tubes and drew more Percy Jackson Character faces on them. So, now, I've got Percy, Annabeth and Thalia. I plan to make the whole cast/characters of Percy Jackson. This'll be fun! :D... I'm gonna upload a photo of it, maybe later because I'm too lazy right now. Don't blame me. :))

BEA's ART PROJECTS FOR TODAY (February 25, 2011):
1.) Percy Jackson tissue tubes
2.) Cookie Paper-mache

Stay tuned.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Percy Jackson and Harry Potter

Just uploading a picture of what I did with an empty tissue tube. I drew Percy Jackson and Harry Potter. ^__^ (OKAY, I'll admit, the Harry drawing was kinda ugly and fat, but give me some credit for PERCY). I really AM a bookworm.. haha. Whatever.

Tsk. Tsk. This is what happens when you've got a marker, an empty tissue tube, and lots of BOREDOM


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bea's supposed "diary" of HS day 1

Hey! :)
I've just decided to upload my English assignment. I know it's gonna be corny, cheesy, lame, etc. Well, yeah, I admit it is. Our English teacher made us *FORCED US* to write a diary. For her. To SEE. It's a really bad idea. As far as I know, diaries are PRIVATE. Still, I was forced to make this diary thing. I can't even say my TRUE feelings because if I did, I will get a low grade. (duh)You can't really express yourself well when you know there is a grammar-should-always-be-perfect, anti-young-people teacher who is going to read your work. So yeah, don't ask me if it's lame. I can't give my NATURAL comments i would USUALLY give. I mean, you can't say "girl-1 is ugly" when a TEACHER is going to read it. alright! here we go:

It seemed only yesterday when i went to school as a high schooler. Now, it's February, and the school year is about to end. But, I can still vividly remember my first day in high school.
I wore a new uniform with a long necktie, which I didn't know how to tie. I ended up bringing it to school and asking a 2nd year student to tie it for me. The uniform made me feel uneasy. It looked good on me, but it also looked kind if weird. I wasn't used to it and somehow, it made me feel a little more mature. Nevertheless, I got a lot of complements.
When I first entered the classroom, heads turned. Everyone was staring at each other, judging how each one looked with the new uniform on.
After a 2-month summer break, I realized how much I grew. I am now the tallest in class (hopefully not the thinnest). Maegan sported a new hairdo. Some of my classmates looked the same. Others, as immature as ever--laughing loudly and chasing each other. I got a little annoyed when our teacher remarked "so elementary" when she saw us acting that way.
6 of our former classmates transferred to Aquinas. I feel a bit sad because my best friend, Camille, was one of them. I missed our gossip, notes , and meaningful stares. Four new faces turned up, though.
As of this moment, I feel overwhelmed by the new responsibilities expected me, as a high school student. There are times when i miss my old elementary days. But, I am keeping an open heart to learning and I am doing my best meet these expectations because where there are rights and privileges, there will also be corresponding responsibilities. No matter what comes with being a high school student, I'll be smarter, I'll be stronger, I'll be ready. :)


Friday, February 4, 2011

What happened to our Project "Meeting"

Hey Everyone,

It's a lazy saturday for me today. Why? Because I'm a LAZY FREAK. ha~ha. I've got nothing to do but read, tweet, read some more, and hopefully, tweet some more. Anyway, I decided to blog right now. (It's fun)

Yesterday, our science project meeting went WRONG and CRAZY. We were supposed to meet at 3pm. 9 people. Most of them got excuses so that they won't attend. Uggh! I hate people who make up excuses! I'm gonna put their excuses here.

Girl1 (me): No excuse. I CAME there
Girl2 : No excuses too, she CAME
Girl3: Nobody can take her there! Her father is gone! I forced her to come and she came. Late. (See? When there's a Will, there's A WAY!)
Girl4: Her mom was in a "Really bad mood with her" so she couldn't ask her mom.
Girl5: She's not feeling well.
Girl6: She's not here. She "went somewhere"
Gir7: Went swimming in a far place (This isn't an excuse! She did her pleasures over schoolwork!)
Girl8: Went with Girl7, but they're OK cause they both came anyway.
Girl9: I don't know

So, Yeah, I got mad. We're gonna finish it on Monday. I've got nothing to do right now.

Bea's Top 3 Most Wanted Places to Visit As of The Moment:
1.) New York (I Love NY! The Coolest Place on earth! xD)
2.) Japan (Because I love Japanese Culture. Period. Nuff Said.)
3.) Bacolod (Loved that place Since Birth. Since BIRTH.)

Oh, I'm going to finish my Gensci Project now

Rock on


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year!
Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Hi people, It's 2:43 pm now, Friday and we don't have classes (*Happy Dance! Scream! Yippee!*). It's the day after Chinese New Year and since I go to a chinese school, Today is counted as a HOLIDAY! (*Happy Dance again!*) So, yeah, I'm chilling out and being super Lazy today. I love being chinese and going to a chinese school! P-R-O-U-D!

Yesterday, we went to the mall to watch our schoolmates dance chinese dances. Everyone was required to come. We were all so happyy because, well, normal boring school lessons were replaced by watching the chinese dances. At the mall. Eating food. When it's supposed to be class hours.

In fact, this whole week has been really, really, really AWESOME! Most of the time, classes were disrupted so the dancers could practice. So, while all the teachers were watching the practices, we stayed in our classrooms and did our teen~ish (sorry, I Make-up words sometimes) stuff (listening to music, gossip, truth or dare, etc.). There was also a chinese-food-selling-thing downstairs that sold Tikoy, Hopia, and other chinese food.

I think I'm getting off-topic there.^^

Anyway, we went to the mall yesterday to watch our schoolmates dance and sing. My brother also danced. I was able to record SOME of the dances where my friends were in and I'll (try to) upload it here. (I'm not sure if the upload will be successful 'cause we've got bad internet connection).

Most of the dances and songs were cool and lively. I couldn't record them ALL because my arms would hurt after recording a dance/song (I had to extend them forward and high up). Anyway, I recorded the dances where my friends were in. Sadly, I wasn't able to record the BEST dance. (Curse my weak arms! ~not really) Oh, Well.

Here Goes!

(to be uploaded later on)<- Kung Fu Fan Dance by My Brother. He's at the back though.

I'll upload the other videos later. Right now, I'm late for a class meeting for a project. And I'm the leader. Ohh, how tardy i ammmm! :/

I'm Late. I'm Late. I'm Late. I'm Late. I'm Late. I'm Late. I'm Late. /terminated