Sunday, November 28, 2010

Watch this vid

it is awesome!!

I got you!! :D haha..
Wait, you don't understand?? It's called Being Rick Rolled baby!



Blogging again :)

Heyy... Sorry , I haven't been blogging very frequently since classes started. I've got this tight schedule so I can't blog that much, nevertheless, I've still been the regular, random, and fun bea who rules. :). Update on me? Well, ... Not much. I'll try to blog every week or atleast that frequently. Follow me on twitter @bearulez! Because I twitter ALOT. I am sorry for the errors. I am using my itouch to type so it's really hard.. :). We've got a holiday today so there's no school!! Whee. Anyway , I'll try to keep you posted on what's happening.

Love lots,

Iphoto and Random Madness

Just checking new stuff on my blog.
Okay, this is going to sound RANDOM and WIERD. So wierd, you're probably gonna stop reading this post. Wahaha...

So i was playing with I-photo. This is gonna happen if you put a mirror infront of the camera.
Sorry for a boring post, but I've got nothing better to do. FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER
@bearulez :)

WHat other random stuff can I state here?

1.) Favorite Eraser-- maped
2.) I hate Cold bathroom tiles
3.) I hate short pencils
4.) I hate crumpled or dirty pieces of Paper.
5.) I am a wierdo --(TRUE!)
6.) I am a bookworm (And i'm proud of it! :D)
7.) I am an artist

That's all the random stuff I can think of for now
Keep posted

Bea :)

Saturday, July 3, 2010


-oh hello pplz,

anyway.... GOSH!! THE BAIL WHALE!

please follow me :)
THANKS!! haha
anyway ill be waiting for twitter to LOAD! GOSSSHH



It's Bea again and I WENT TO MY BESTFRIEND'S BIRTHDAY PARTY TODAY! Well, it was a surprisee!! She was SUPER surprised! Let's call her Tonya. (that obviously isn't her real name!)
OKay so she was super SURPRISED! Like WOW. The games were sooo FUN and yes, it was a real surprise! The food was delicious and we her classmates were there! She was like "WHAT??" when she saw us-in a happy way!! HORAY SURPRISE BIRTHDAY :D ! So if you are reading this "Tonya", Happy Birthday!! Hope you were surprised!! I MISS YOU

Bestfriends Forever!!!!!!!


Friday, July 2, 2010


Hello People!

Whats up? Sorry i haven't been posting as frequently as i want to....AHH NOW I REMEMBER WHY! --School! (i didn't forget in the first place anyway..hehe ;)) NO! school is driving me crazzzyyyy!!! There are so many activities now there and it wasn't like last year. The school faculty says it's 'cause they upgraded their standard.....all i think about that stuff? A PAIN IN THE BUT!! NOOO school is like torture! (Don't tell the teachers ok?). SCHOOL IS TORTURE-PERIOD .! But it's been alright I guess, other than the fact that- I get grumpier in the morning because I have to wake up early, I DIE of boredom in class, I get insomnia at night from too early bedtimes, I am trapped in the chains of my "trying to look good-disciplined even when I'm not" as so that I can look well, GOOD, and can, you know, receive fair grades. I'm not saying I hide my real attitude and have a double life-- the super nice smart cool polite-girl in school and the evil stupid bad talking-back-to-her-parents MONSTER at home, but ofcourse I have to control some attitudes. Like when I want to talk bad things that hurt to people, I control myself instead. You know how it goes. EVERY STUDENT KNOWS HOW IT GOES!!!

Is there such a thing as Death-in-School? (okay CONFESSION: i made that phrase up)
Well, if there is, that's gonna happen to me very, very soon!

There are some positive things in I get to see my classmates and BESTY--aww who am I kidding? My bestfriend transferred schools. The summer, I wondered how life would be without her. Now I realize, IT SUCKS! But other than that, I get to see my inner circle buddies :). I get to see my pal-teachers and feel the corridors once more. I can again smell the school scent and the "EEW-DIRTY-ICKY-YUCKY-NEVER-GO-IN" bathroom scent which can only be smelt in public places which is Ironic because I go to a PRIVATE school. But no, our bathroom isn't really that icky...but yep, it still has a weird scent. Continuing on- You also get to listen to that loud school-student-body noise where the jocks(AKA basketball addicts) talk loudly about.....stuff!-and also about the championships. Wherein jokers yell loud noises that are simply funny. Wherein JEJEMONS yell ajejejejeje.....Wherein loud student girls scream their hearts out for their extreme reasons. Wherein little kiddies play and yell and do kiddie stuff. Where the girls gossip. Where you can hear pencils fall, chalk rubbed on the chalkboard, boys gossip, girls gossip, teachers disciplining the boys and girls for gossiping and etc.,etc.,etc.!

I still wonder if i'm gonna go liking school or hating it! There are different pros and cons about it. Most students hate studying and reading. I am different for I love them. I also love writing-IM WRITING NOW SEE??. So for now, i'm gonna go to school, do teenage stuff, gossip, eat my snacks and try to enjoy it as much as I can. Please bear with me as I do not know which way is great, hating or loving.....just kick back and enjoy the ride as we go :)


Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I made a YouTube account! Yeah! But I'm too shy to reveal it until I make more videos, yeah, it's a SECRET! haha. So anyway, I'm thinking, what videos should I make? Please give me tips! Thank you. I plan on making silly videos....but I have a hard time using the mask tool at sony vegas! Like how do you move the mask?? It is sooo hard! I'm wearing my Hannah Montana jammies today! Woo hoo! ^^. so yeah, what videos??

Swac and Hannah montana


I'm so happy! You know why?? Because swac falling for the falls just came out! That's why!! I watched it again and again! I watched 26 times-but who's counting? I'm also into Hannah Montana! It's cause I saw the season 4 promo! Yeah! I love Disney laugh productions! ;)


Monday, May 31, 2010

my list about YOU


So. it's almoast dinnertime! yum! so whatr are we having?

FRIED RICE!!......

so, im here to show you this cool list that are 12 random things about you! And it's real! Because....I know you! Haha :) okay

1. You are reading this list
2. You think the first fact is stupid
4. You didn't notice I skipped number 3
5. You're checking it out now
6. you're laughing
8. you didn't notice I skipped number 7 again
9. You're checking it out now
10. You're laughing again
11. all of the random things about you in the list are true
12. YOU just read this list

I told you I know 10 things about you!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^!!!


I've gotta Twitter account!! Yeah! So if you're reading this, please follow me! I need followers ( I only have about 30) :(

Anyways, TY! @bearulez - my twiddah!


Dvbs buzz

Hey pepz!,
Okay, so........
Joke, I'm just foolin around. I'm home from dvbs! As in DAILY VACATION BIBLE STUDY! so you go there every day until Friday. Hey, I just found out one more thing! I'm lactose intolerant! Yep, had a trip with a squishy yellow submarine last night ;). Where was I? Oh yeah! Yeah! I'm back from dvbs! As in DAILY VACATION BIBLE STUDY!! wait, what?? Dajavu! Haha— kidding here ;). Now I woke up early and took a bath and the jeepney was supposed to pick us up!! Buy it didn't! So, yes, we drove there on the car! And, yes, we were late, but that's ok, cause were "FASIONABLY LATE" *winks* ;). so, as I was saying, we then went there and I saw my classmates. And we made this lizard art thingie and we went hooommee! But it took toooo long for the jeep to take us home! Like we were the 2nd last to go home. So now, I'm just writing this and drinking ice cold iced tea! ;)


Sunday, May 30, 2010

What I'm doing for now! ;)

Hey, guess what I've been doing for like the past week!!! I've been watching swac!! Do you know what swac is??? It's sonny with a chance!! Yes! Love the show! And you should too!! Just search sonny with a chance in YouTube and watch an episode! It's funny! I've been waiting for falling for the falls to's airing at June 12!!! That's like some days from now!! So ok, dad, mom , and sis are back home!!!

1. Sonny with a chance!!
2. Twitter
3. My blog!
4. My math ( I know, wierd? Nerdy? But somehow, it's fun!!)
5. Dvbs!!!
6. What the next school year will be like
7. Who to vote for class president
8. Watergun fight!!!!
9. Wearing my LUCKY PENANT for luck!
10. Getting a turtle..!


Saturday, May 29, 2010

Why I haven't been updating

Sorry I haven't been posting as much as I want to and I haven't posted for like 3 was cause my parents went to Manila and my dad brought my itouch there so I had to use the laptop, just to my surprise, my UNLUCKY surprise (I wasn't wearing my lucky necklace).....the mac got busted, when I used it!!!! So yep, you can guess, I got banned from playing computer! But now I'm not banned anymore :). I am such a jinx !!


Monday, May 24, 2010

Late dinner

So Late?? Yes, it's 7:02PM and still, NO DINNER!! Yep so Im soo HUNGRY!! My mom and Jackie still arent Here. I'm just typing random stuff to pass time. After all, Time flies when you're enjoying yourself RIGHT?? RIGHT??.

Okay, I've calmed down a little from that crazyness.
OKay, just keeping you posted on some random things. SO,

Some days ago, we put tape on the plug near the TV, you know why? Our maids watch TV while we are on our Memory Recall AKA School and when mom is at work. They're not allowed to, but they Do!! So to prove that they do, even if we already know they do, I wanted to try this :).

So, as I was saying, I put tape at the plug and set it to nickelodeon(channel), when I wen't back from my memory recall, the channel was GMA! So.....You know, they used the TV!!

Ok, mom and my sister is HERE now, Dinner Time :D


Jimmy Neutron Underwear!!

Yahoo! My friend is back from Japan! :).... OKay, I'm here to tell you what happened tonight...we slept super late at about 2AM.. so, I was reading the "princess diaries" novel (i'm at number 7 already). And I came across someting really funny! Mia(the main character), was wearing Jimmy Neutron underwear and something like that....(DO YOU KNOW JIMMY NEUTRON???). I laughed so hard (usually I laugh in my head when I laugh when reading novels) But this time, I laughed so hard, that I laughed in REAL life and even said "EEW HAHA", and everyone just stared at me and my brother called me LAME. So that's it. Haha. That's what happened last night :D!!


Sunday, May 23, 2010

High School Miserable!!

Hello!!, I'm here tying what I did all afternoon--PLAYED COMPUTER and WATCHED TV! :)?!?
Yes, thaT'S all I did. Yep, I'm Lazy!

So, while I was watching Sonny With a Chance at youtube, I saw an episode wherin they make a dance/song called High School Miserable. It's cute and funny XD! (Like High School Musical) Go Check it out at the Likie! :)


Hi! GUESS WHAT? I'm done with the picture! (in the contest)...!.! Here it is!!!! I worked hard for that so I NEED to WIN!! ;)


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Groceries FAT?!

Hiii Just home from the groceries!! We bought some food and extra-calcium-milk for Hair--Oh man, my sister is super fat and chubby! We were strolling around the groceries(snack and bisquits portion) and she would get every kind of bisquit there is!! I told here that she would fatten and fatten!! NO, she would not listen! So I told her that if she doesn't put the chips-ahoy cookies back in the shelf, I would tell everyone how she get's too much food! (We already got a pack of Oreo Cookies and Stick-O's, and she still wants to buy MORE cookies that probably taste the same....) And she replied "Then tell them". So instead of telling everyone because it would embarass her, I decided to blog about it. So HERE, i'm blogging about it!! Well, i'm here typing about my sister too fat while my brother is using the waveboard, trying to do manuals ( i can do manuals too, only wimpy and small manuals!!). He says it's cool. He DOES look pretty ASTIG(or COOL) in it!!

Arr, he did a manual in front of me trying to Brag, he's teaching my FAT sis how to manual, and she says manual like "MAN-UAAAAL", not "MANUAL". We'll, she did it but wimpily!! Now, my other brother (not the one manualing) jumped out of the computer and said "I've gotta do something in the next second". He dashed to my Fat sister and pushed her yelling "AAAARRRGGGHH". She fell. My brother (from computer), does wimpy Ollies, and normal manuals....

Oh No! My fat sis just attacked me as I was typing! She yells "ROUR! Why did you remove my chip Ahoys??" (I removed the chipAhoy cookies out of the kart when she wasn't looking....) and Now, she's trying to lick me!! I told her i'd post it in my Blog and she said she doesn't care because she doesn't read Blooggsss--in a bad voice. My Brother just called her "Bendita"-- Bendita is a character from my fave show-AGUA BENDITA, who is Bad and always mad and "Maarte". Okay, I think she's gonna eat my oreos!!

PS: I call her FatGirl ONLY here so you wouldn't be confused to think that it was another sister. I have only 1 sister and 2 brothers. OKAY



So I spent all night trying to create the perfect image for "the annoying orange" contest!! so you make a funny photo about the annoying orange( you probably know what I mean). And then, you post it to facebook. AND YOU WIN A HUNDRED DOLLARS~~if it's good enough ofcourse..!.! ^^. So the photo looks like this:

An orange broke into two pieces and there are police oranges and annoying orange was there and you censor it!! Hope i win



WELCOME HOME to Angel!!!! Missed her this summer (my BestFriend) :)



Yum!! Were having fishballs for dinner! Our school stopped selling fishballs one day, I miss eating it! So you can guess why this is such a delicious dinner!!



Okay, so my hair is falling a lot. I have a hair problem and now I'm just drinking lots of milk and some vitamins as well as using mild baby shampoo. Starting Monday, I'll be using a hair growing shampoo. I don't want to be bald!!!


Watching TV


im watching tv. it's summer here and i've got nothing to do! I'm watching TV. And as lame as I may watching Phineas and Ferb!! ^^ :)



Hello! Welcome to my blog!! Thanks for viewing. One thing though...i do not want kidnappers to be viewing this! So to all those bad pepz out there.....GO AWAY! If you are just a viewer to see blogs.. ur welcome here! I hope my friends can visit here often. Again, thanks for visiting! See you soon