Saturday, May 22, 2010

Groceries FAT?!

Hiii Just home from the groceries!! We bought some food and extra-calcium-milk for Hair--Oh man, my sister is super fat and chubby! We were strolling around the groceries(snack and bisquits portion) and she would get every kind of bisquit there is!! I told here that she would fatten and fatten!! NO, she would not listen! So I told her that if she doesn't put the chips-ahoy cookies back in the shelf, I would tell everyone how she get's too much food! (We already got a pack of Oreo Cookies and Stick-O's, and she still wants to buy MORE cookies that probably taste the same....) And she replied "Then tell them". So instead of telling everyone because it would embarass her, I decided to blog about it. So HERE, i'm blogging about it!! Well, i'm here typing about my sister too fat while my brother is using the waveboard, trying to do manuals ( i can do manuals too, only wimpy and small manuals!!). He says it's cool. He DOES look pretty ASTIG(or COOL) in it!!

Arr, he did a manual in front of me trying to Brag, he's teaching my FAT sis how to manual, and she says manual like "MAN-UAAAAL", not "MANUAL". We'll, she did it but wimpily!! Now, my other brother (not the one manualing) jumped out of the computer and said "I've gotta do something in the next second". He dashed to my Fat sister and pushed her yelling "AAAARRRGGGHH". She fell. My brother (from computer), does wimpy Ollies, and normal manuals....

Oh No! My fat sis just attacked me as I was typing! She yells "ROUR! Why did you remove my chip Ahoys??" (I removed the chipAhoy cookies out of the kart when she wasn't looking....) and Now, she's trying to lick me!! I told her i'd post it in my Blog and she said she doesn't care because she doesn't read Blooggsss--in a bad voice. My Brother just called her "Bendita"-- Bendita is a character from my fave show-AGUA BENDITA, who is Bad and always mad and "Maarte". Okay, I think she's gonna eat my oreos!!

PS: I call her FatGirl ONLY here so you wouldn't be confused to think that it was another sister. I have only 1 sister and 2 brothers. OKAY