Sunday, March 27, 2011

Going Somewhere... :)

Okay, When I said later, I actually meant now. ^_^

I'm going abroad this summer to study. SHOCKER, much? Not really.
And I know, you're probably thinking... (OMG! Dejavu! I actually wrote something like this in a letter I gave my friend)

"OMG! That's so lame and nerdy!" or...
"WHAT? You wasted your summer!" or...
"EEW. I'm gonna stop reading this!" or even...
"O-kaayy.... I don't really care... continue. please."

But, hey, I'm going to enjoy myself there. It's fun. Maybe I should go make a list (Did I mention I love making random lists? Probably not)...

10 Reasons Why I'm Going To Have Fun There:
1.) When I say study, I don't REALLY mean study. I'm NOT going to study. Sure, I'll learn but I'll spend my time MORE playing and shopping and LESS studying.
2.) HELLO? It's ABROAD! That should be reason enough. I get to go to a different country and have a NEW experience.
3.) The price is incredibly cheap. Some famous, rich, guy (OWNER OF 2 AIRPLANE COMPANIES) sponsored everyone who is going there. We only pay, like, half of the real price we SHOULD pay.
4.) I get to shop till I drop. (Not really, I am INCREDIBLY cheap once you leave me money that I have to budget)
5.) It's Parent Free. Haha. Actually, I don't mind my parent's being here. But, I'm not one to get homesick. I'm actually VERY trustable and I would never do anything "bad". Really. ;)
6.) We get to learn a different language. Yep. That's the primary reason.
7.) We get to learn card games. Last time I went to a summer study tour like this, I learned A LOT of card games. It was SUPER FUN!
8.) My classmates and schoolmates are coming with me. A lot of us are coming this school year. Wheeee!
9.) I've got SOMETHING to keep me busy. Last summer, I was BORED TO DEATH. Why am I still alive? Up to this day, I don't know. :P
10.) I get to meet Visayans. I love Visayans. Especially people from Bacolod. Most of my family in the mother side are from Bacolod and I love it there. So, whenever I see someone from Bacolod (or even Visayas), I immediately feel a part of home.

Oh, and there's this TINY detail....
Big detail, actually...

NO. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No.No.
I'm Hyperventilating....
Actually, I'm not really sure. I think there isn't any.
And If I'm Right... (Uh oh... bad habit again...)
No Twitter
No Facebook
No Blog
No Youtube
No Fanfiction
No Wiki

Nah. I think I'll find a loophole. There. Is. Always. A. Loophole.
"When there's a will, there's a WAY!"

:) :) :) :) :) :) :D


Flight Cancelled

I'm a little Sad. And Angry. And Depressed. And Hopeful. And Relieved. And (right now,) Hungry...

Wanna Know Why? Of Course You Do! ;)
And before I tell you the reason, I just realized something!
I just realized how I have this bad habit of capitalizing every letter in a sentence. I stopped it, of course. (But look ABOVE)

Anyway... Our flight was cancelled! :(... We were supposed to go to the capital city (Let's call it capcity because I do not want, in any way, to reveal where I live. I'm Paranoid.) but the weather was too rainy. Now, I'm back home and we're going to fly again tomorrow. It feels kind of weird.

Oh no! :/. I have an orientation to go to tomorrow. I think I'm going to miss it. Uh oh... NOOO.

Possible things we could do/have done:
1.) Take a bus TODAY so we could arrive in time for the meeting (my idea. So, naturally, they didn't like it)
2.) Take a plane tomorrow (Dad's idea. I think he hates South Road/Car travel) and miss the orientation (Nooo! At least, in my opinion ...)
3.) Take a bus tomorrow if the plane is cancelled (I'm like... "Why not today???")

I think dad and mom chose #2. Go Figure. :/

Oh, And I forgot to mention... What IS the orientation for?

Yeah... More on that later. :)


Friday, March 25, 2011

Earth Hour

Hey Guys (And that includes GIRLS, too. I use "guys" as a general word),
It's 12:03 pm and I'm STILL awake.
Wide awake.
Eyes Open Awake.
Not Sleepy Awake.

I'm not sleepy yet and me and my brother are the only ones awake. Did I mention it's his birthday?

Happy Birthday Brother! :)

I am searching some Lily/James (Harry Potter) fluff on fanfiction right now. The search feature is down.. oh well...

I wrote everything above last night But I got so INTO the fanfiction I was reading that I left this tab idle. I love James/Lily fanfics! Wheeee

Anyway, I'm reading James/Lily fanfiction... Again..
Who can blame me? :>

It's EARTH HOUR! YAY! Happy Earth Hour Everyone!
Speaking of Earth hour, I should probably turn of this computer. As in right now.
Maybe later though, when it's dark. There is still some SUN right now.

*Reminder* On March 26, 2011; from 8:30PM to 9:30PM, switch off your lights for Earth Hour for our fight against climate change. Your little ways can make a big

I'm going to do just that later! :D. Again HAPPY EARTH HOUR! Oh, and I made my font Green. Try to guess... LOL.

Speaking of "LOL", It, along with "FYI" and "OMG" has just been added to the Oxford English Dictionary yesterday. (HORAY!)

Okay. See you later.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Percy Jackson Tissue Tubes Photos

Yep. My brother just graduated (5th honorable mention) so congrats to him and all other graduates out there! :D

I just took pictures of my "Percy Jackson Tissue Tubes". So right now, I've made
Silena Beauregard
Percy Jackson
Annabeth Chase
Grover Underwood
Thalia Grace
Clarisse La Rue
Charles Beckendorf
Bianca De Angelo
Nico De Angelo
Luke Castellan
Ethan Nakamura
Connor/Travis Stroll (I don't know who it is... they both look exactly alike and I didn't want to make two tissue tubes looking exactly alike so I just made one. You decide who it is.)
Tyson *Something* (Forgot his last name. He's just Tyson to me.)
Will Solace (Just an EXTRA guy. haha...)

Okay... maybe I missed some people but those are the ones I can remember. Everything was made by yours truly, moi. Collecting the tissue tubes. Drawing in the tissue tubes. Tracing the drawings with Pentel (why does the computer say it's wrong spelling??? *It has these red lines on it..*) pen. Coloring them.

The drawings are mostly accurate in terms of looks, height, color, and clothes with slight alterations. Thalia, for example, is my FAVORITE character so I made her look slightly better. I got rid of her ripped vest and made her hair long; But she still wears the famous "Death to Barbie Doll" t-shirt.

I don't know what the age of Percy and Annabeth is in my drawing (Maybe 12 year-old Percy and Annabeth or 16 year-old).

Oh, and Percy, Annabeth, and Thalia look less complex, and more dull maybe than the other campers. That's because they were the first ones I drew. I wasn't really counting on making a lot of these tissue tubes. I was just bored and drew on a tissue tube.. and the magic begins... (JK. ;) ) It also probably helps that I drew these first three with OLD, USED, NOT POINTY, WHITEBOARD pentel (uggh... wrong spelling again! :/) pen and drew the others with NEW, FINE, SHARP, PERMANENT PIVOT pentel pen.

Chris Rodriguez and Juniper isn't part of the Tissue Tube. It's just that, I don't know what Juniper's skin looks like and I drew Chris wrong on the 1st try. I gave up on drawing him. The End. Poor Chris... Oh well...

Right now, I am trying to find ways to upload the photos in an album. OH HERE! Okay..

Whoo! I got a message from my Best Friend! Going to read it and reply now.
*Moments Later* AWW that was FLUFFY! :))

Here's the link to the other photos in the Percy Jackson Tissue Tube "PHOTO SHOOT". Be sure to click it! :) It's got a lot of photos including...
Big 3

OH, I sound like an advertiser... Whatever

THANKS. Oh, caps lock is on...


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Harry Potter

I've finished reading Harry Potter book 7. It was epic, cool, awesome, unexpected, "suspense-y", crazy, happy, sad, serious, romance-y, tragic, and a lot more indescribable words. The series is so AWESOME and I read the last book wide-eyed. I really, really, really, really, really, reallyX1000 love it!!! :)). I love the horcrux thing and also the hallow thing. Horcruxes or Hallows? The decision is SO hard to make! I would personally choose Hallows because, well, I'm like Dumbledore. We both love power. So, yeah, I think I WOULD make the same mistake as Dumbledore's. On the other hand, choosing Horcruxes would also be wise... (DUH! But I was thinking these things while I was reading the part wherein Harry chooses between Horcruxes and Hallows, so I wouldn't know the WHOLE story yet... Plus, admit it, looking for Hallows would be a lot more mysterious, fun, suspense-y, etc.) I mean, it's the only way to REALLY kill Voldemort (Yeah, I'm not afraid to use that name! :P), right? But even if they do destroyall the horcruxes, Voldemort's power won't change. He'll still be as powerful, right? It wouldn't hurt to have a REALLY powerful wand, a cloak that renders you completely invisible, and a stone that can bring back the dead, right? Hallows or Horcruxes? :3

I also love how Dudley "thanked" Harry before they left. It was SO sweet (For Dudley, of course). Dudley ACTUALLY had some gratitude for Harry and I know, deep inside, deep deep down inside, he knew he would miss Harry. I love how Kreacher became nice and loved for the first time after a long time. I love how Harry gave him the necklace and he turned pleasant (I love the food, too... :) ). And I loved it when Ron RETURNED. It was SOOO heartwarming and SOOO sweeeeeeeeeeet!!! xD xD. I love the plot, the mood, and the unraveling of the story/stories. Oh, and I love brave Neville and Luna.

Poor Petunia (Yes, I actually pity her). She was jealous of her sister but couldn't do anything because she was a "stupid" muggle. I love the whole background on Snape's life. (Sorry but...) I love how Lily "dumped" (not really dumped, but I LIKE it that way) him for James (not really... it was just a coincidence) . Oh, and I love the love-hate-relationship between James and Lily (because, I know, deep inside, Lily LOVES James. She looooovveess James. Oh yeah.)

I also love it when Harry manages to escape at the last second from Voldemort and he (Voldemort) get's SO angry.

Oh, and I like Narcissa Malfoy. (I always did).

I loved it when Harry goes-- "Yes, I dare!" :)). And the line-- "I am the true master of the Elder Wand!" and then...

Expelliarmus WINS! :D

And I love how the wand chooses the wizard, not the other way around.

Death's I hated throughout the series the most:
1.) Sirius (Favorite Character, much!)
2.) Hedwig (Poor Hedwig.. :( )
3.)Lupin (I love all Marauders... except for Wormtail.. eer. that WIMP. :/ )
4.) James and Lily (Poor them.. )
5.) Fred (I still wish he was alive)
6.) Dumbledore (well.... not really since he planned his death)

I started loving the series since book 3. (The one about Sirius)

What I thought while reading..:
1.) Book 1 ( Boooring. I thought Harry Potter was supposed to be the best book ever! Percy Jackson is WAY better than this)
2.) Book 2 (Less boring than book 1, at least. Still not exceptional)
3.) Book 3 (Genius. I love the twist. Awww! Sirius was NICE after all! I hate wormtail. :/)
4.) Book 4 (SO GENIUS! Love it! I am now a Harry Potter fan! Since book 3, actually)
5.) Book 5 (I hate. I mean, It's genius, but why did SIRIUS DIE?? And I hate Umbridge.. And I hate it because nobody believes Harry.. :/)
6.) Book 6 (I love it! I love it! :)). Harry's a little full of himself. I LOVE IT! haha. :) It's sad, but hopeful.)
7.) Book 7 (I think you've read about what I love about 7 from.. ABOVE)

Favorite Characters: (Aside from Harry, Hermione, and Ron, because EVERYBODY loves them. :P)
1.) Sirius
2.) Hedwig
3.) Fred and George
4.) James, Lupin
5.) Luna
6.) Dumbledore
7.) Neville

Favorite Tragic Stories:
1.) Snape-Loves-Lily-But-She-Dumped-Him-For-James. LOL.
2.) Dumbledore-killed-his-sister-for-a-hallow
3.) James-and-Lily-die
4.) Petunia-got-jealous-of-her-sister



To Do List:


My to Do List:
1.) Make Letters (I haven't started yet... manana habit!)
2.) Make List of what to pack
3.) PACK (After I've done #2)
4.) Move Detective Conan movies to a C.D. (Manana habit again..)
5.) Buy Harry Potter movie 4
6.) Return K.B's Black Hard Disk thing...
7.) Return N.G.'s Harry Potter book 7 (Manana Habit!)
That's it for now... I'm watching ICARLY right now.

Oh wait...Here's the description of Manana habit in case you don't know... (I got it from
The Mañana Habit is something that we have learned from the Spaniards. The word "Mañana" means ‘tomorrow’ or ‘specified future time’ also known as “procrastination” in plain English, “mamaya na” in Filipino.

How it Works:

  1. You need to do something now.
  2. But then you decide to do it later.
  3. As a result of the delay, you end up not doing it.
  4. Now, You tell yourself or somebody that you will do it tomorrow.
  5. Tomorrow comes. The same cycle happens.
Watching icarly now. :)


Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Usuals.. :)


It's Almost S-U-M-M-E-R! :D
Yeah... Nothing to do... I shall be posting RANDOM STUFF.

Just made up some greek god expressions, that would be, you know, Funny.
Zeus: Because I Said So
Athena: Duh!
Aphrodite: I love You! / Now, Honey / ILoveit~!
Hades: Go to Hell! :P
Ares: You've got a problem with that?
Dionysus: You're mental. :P
Hephaestus: Screw it!

Yeah, Some are pretty O.K. and others are corny. I am currently.. BORED.

Tomorrow is our last exam. Yippee for me! :). After that, we will check our test papers. Then, we will have R.A.T. (Don't bother asking) and after that, we're FREE! :D.

What I am Getting Busy with as of TODAY:
1.) Percy Jackson Tissue tubes
2.) Writing Letters (2 to my bestfriends, 1 to myself)
3.) Manga Reading
4.) Reading Harry Potter Book 7
5.) Watching the Harry Potter movies
7.) Gushing over my HAIR. (Yep, I'm getting bangs and curls)
8.) Fanfiction!


Saturday, March 12, 2011

20 Things I Love About Rain

I love Rain! ~~not the person, the weather. I seriously love rain. And now, to present.. tan ta da dan ta daaah...

20 Things I Love About Rain: (by Bea)

1.) Rain=Water. Bea loves water. It's THAT simple.
2.) The sounds the raindrops make when they hit the ground (split splat split splat).
3.) The coldness and humid-ness breeze/wind/air/temperature.
4.) that alert feeling you get because of the rain. And the sounds of rain. And the cold, humid air.
5.) Lightning
6.) Thunder
7.) The screaming of everyone when lightning flashes and thunder roars.
8.) The floods (face it, they're exciting)
9.) The reflection of the floods (they look like RIVERS)
10.) The plants look greener and fresher
11.) The "fog" (it looks SO mysterious!)
12.) the possible suspension of classes (every student LOVES that)
13.) nothing is EVER silent because of the raindrop sounds
14.) the safe and cosy feeling you get when you're inside and everything outside is WET.
15.) It gives you an excuse to wear a JACKET.
16.) You've got an excuse to be late.
17.) the rainbow.
"there will always be a rainbow after the rain [awwww]"
18.) the happy feeling when you're watching the rain and nature from a window and you feel time stops and you could watch all day.
19.) The strong winds.
20.) The suspense feeling because of the rain.

I love the rain... ! :)


Friday, March 11, 2011


Haiku Time: (P.S. I make Haikus like Apollo, so B~E~W~A~R~E)

On Japan (Hurricane Thing yesterday {March 11, 2011} Poor Japan.. My favorite county! I loved that place! Mangaaaa ~~okay, awkward ^_^) :
Beautiful Japan,
Destroyed by the Tsunami
Good luck repairing

On Summer
Summer Vacation
Is like Phineas and Ferb
It is so Awesome!

On Son of Neptune
The Son of Neptune
Will Come out this october
Prepare for coolness (I was going to use "Epicness", but that would be 6 syllables)

On What I am doing right now
Making Haikus now
This is cooler than it sounds
I am Poetic