Saturday, March 12, 2011

20 Things I Love About Rain

I love Rain! ~~not the person, the weather. I seriously love rain. And now, to present.. tan ta da dan ta daaah...

20 Things I Love About Rain: (by Bea)

1.) Rain=Water. Bea loves water. It's THAT simple.
2.) The sounds the raindrops make when they hit the ground (split splat split splat).
3.) The coldness and humid-ness breeze/wind/air/temperature.
4.) that alert feeling you get because of the rain. And the sounds of rain. And the cold, humid air.
5.) Lightning
6.) Thunder
7.) The screaming of everyone when lightning flashes and thunder roars.
8.) The floods (face it, they're exciting)
9.) The reflection of the floods (they look like RIVERS)
10.) The plants look greener and fresher
11.) The "fog" (it looks SO mysterious!)
12.) the possible suspension of classes (every student LOVES that)
13.) nothing is EVER silent because of the raindrop sounds
14.) the safe and cosy feeling you get when you're inside and everything outside is WET.
15.) It gives you an excuse to wear a JACKET.
16.) You've got an excuse to be late.
17.) the rainbow.
"there will always be a rainbow after the rain [awwww]"
18.) the happy feeling when you're watching the rain and nature from a window and you feel time stops and you could watch all day.
19.) The strong winds.
20.) The suspense feeling because of the rain.

I love the rain... ! :)