Thursday, March 24, 2011

Percy Jackson Tissue Tubes Photos

Yep. My brother just graduated (5th honorable mention) so congrats to him and all other graduates out there! :D

I just took pictures of my "Percy Jackson Tissue Tubes". So right now, I've made
Silena Beauregard
Percy Jackson
Annabeth Chase
Grover Underwood
Thalia Grace
Clarisse La Rue
Charles Beckendorf
Bianca De Angelo
Nico De Angelo
Luke Castellan
Ethan Nakamura
Connor/Travis Stroll (I don't know who it is... they both look exactly alike and I didn't want to make two tissue tubes looking exactly alike so I just made one. You decide who it is.)
Tyson *Something* (Forgot his last name. He's just Tyson to me.)
Will Solace (Just an EXTRA guy. haha...)

Okay... maybe I missed some people but those are the ones I can remember. Everything was made by yours truly, moi. Collecting the tissue tubes. Drawing in the tissue tubes. Tracing the drawings with Pentel (why does the computer say it's wrong spelling??? *It has these red lines on it..*) pen. Coloring them.

The drawings are mostly accurate in terms of looks, height, color, and clothes with slight alterations. Thalia, for example, is my FAVORITE character so I made her look slightly better. I got rid of her ripped vest and made her hair long; But she still wears the famous "Death to Barbie Doll" t-shirt.

I don't know what the age of Percy and Annabeth is in my drawing (Maybe 12 year-old Percy and Annabeth or 16 year-old).

Oh, and Percy, Annabeth, and Thalia look less complex, and more dull maybe than the other campers. That's because they were the first ones I drew. I wasn't really counting on making a lot of these tissue tubes. I was just bored and drew on a tissue tube.. and the magic begins... (JK. ;) ) It also probably helps that I drew these first three with OLD, USED, NOT POINTY, WHITEBOARD pentel (uggh... wrong spelling again! :/) pen and drew the others with NEW, FINE, SHARP, PERMANENT PIVOT pentel pen.

Chris Rodriguez and Juniper isn't part of the Tissue Tube. It's just that, I don't know what Juniper's skin looks like and I drew Chris wrong on the 1st try. I gave up on drawing him. The End. Poor Chris... Oh well...

Right now, I am trying to find ways to upload the photos in an album. OH HERE! Okay..

Whoo! I got a message from my Best Friend! Going to read it and reply now.
*Moments Later* AWW that was FLUFFY! :))

Here's the link to the other photos in the Percy Jackson Tissue Tube "PHOTO SHOOT". Be sure to click it! :) It's got a lot of photos including...
Big 3

OH, I sound like an advertiser... Whatever

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