Sunday, March 27, 2011

Flight Cancelled

I'm a little Sad. And Angry. And Depressed. And Hopeful. And Relieved. And (right now,) Hungry...

Wanna Know Why? Of Course You Do! ;)
And before I tell you the reason, I just realized something!
I just realized how I have this bad habit of capitalizing every letter in a sentence. I stopped it, of course. (But look ABOVE)

Anyway... Our flight was cancelled! :(... We were supposed to go to the capital city (Let's call it capcity because I do not want, in any way, to reveal where I live. I'm Paranoid.) but the weather was too rainy. Now, I'm back home and we're going to fly again tomorrow. It feels kind of weird.

Oh no! :/. I have an orientation to go to tomorrow. I think I'm going to miss it. Uh oh... NOOO.

Possible things we could do/have done:
1.) Take a bus TODAY so we could arrive in time for the meeting (my idea. So, naturally, they didn't like it)
2.) Take a plane tomorrow (Dad's idea. I think he hates South Road/Car travel) and miss the orientation (Nooo! At least, in my opinion ...)
3.) Take a bus tomorrow if the plane is cancelled (I'm like... "Why not today???")

I think dad and mom chose #2. Go Figure. :/

Oh, And I forgot to mention... What IS the orientation for?

Yeah... More on that later. :)