Friday, March 25, 2011

Earth Hour

Hey Guys (And that includes GIRLS, too. I use "guys" as a general word),
It's 12:03 pm and I'm STILL awake.
Wide awake.
Eyes Open Awake.
Not Sleepy Awake.

I'm not sleepy yet and me and my brother are the only ones awake. Did I mention it's his birthday?

Happy Birthday Brother! :)

I am searching some Lily/James (Harry Potter) fluff on fanfiction right now. The search feature is down.. oh well...

I wrote everything above last night But I got so INTO the fanfiction I was reading that I left this tab idle. I love James/Lily fanfics! Wheeee

Anyway, I'm reading James/Lily fanfiction... Again..
Who can blame me? :>

It's EARTH HOUR! YAY! Happy Earth Hour Everyone!
Speaking of Earth hour, I should probably turn of this computer. As in right now.
Maybe later though, when it's dark. There is still some SUN right now.

*Reminder* On March 26, 2011; from 8:30PM to 9:30PM, switch off your lights for Earth Hour for our fight against climate change. Your little ways can make a big

I'm going to do just that later! :D. Again HAPPY EARTH HOUR! Oh, and I made my font Green. Try to guess... LOL.

Speaking of "LOL", It, along with "FYI" and "OMG" has just been added to the Oxford English Dictionary yesterday. (HORAY!)

Okay. See you later.