Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Another Chilly Breeze Poem

A chilly breeze that blows
left and right, left and right.
making trees sway
as darkness comes to bite.


Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Someone who would stay up at midnight to have a chat with me.
Someone who just understands.
Someone who doesn't try too hard to impress me.
Someone who doesn't see me as a shy and fragile person.
Someone who'd rather talk in person than chat or text.
Someone who has a great sense of humor.
Someone who feels passionate about a number of things.
Someone who is nice but not quite obviously so.
Someone who can play a musical instrument, or try at least.
Someone who can follow what I'm going on about even half the time.
Someone who smells nice.
Someone who can appreciate art.
I will find you.

"Nasty Habits" Review

I just finished watching Once Upon a Time 3x04 "Nasty Habits" after downloading the video file for eleven hours (yes, my internet connection speed can get crappy at times) only to find out that it was infected and had gotten deleted by my antivirus. I settled on streaming the video online, and it took a while for my internet speed to pick up so I had to wait some more. Needless to say, by the time I actually got to watch it, I was in need of a good, satisfactory episode.

Now, I don't claim to be an expert at reviewing films or shows; this is actually my first time doing something like this. This isn't going to be a formal review; it's an assessment from someone who enjoys watching the show. Okay. Here I go.

Nasty Habits
While I enjoyed last week's episode (Quite a Common Fairy) more, this one wasn't too far behind. It was much less eventful. I thought that the flashback was very simple compared to what the show usually offers, but I'll take it. Rumpelstiltskin and Baelfire-centric episodes are always nice to watch (or maybe just Rumple-centric episodes in general). It wasn't too thrilling, plot wise, but an episode with character development as the focus as opposed to a plot-driven one is refreshing. Rumplestiltskin's house and the village looked visually appealing. I wish they made the boys-dancing-around-the-fire scenes a bit more flashy, because it really just looked like a bunch of people dancing around a bonfire, and not euphoric boys possessed by the pipe magic which I would've enjoyed more.

Overall, this feels more like a filler episode meant to set the stage for next week's 'Good Form'.

Okay. Now I'll proceed to write about what I thought of the individual characters. (This is going to be a lot less formal).

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Yes to Daddy's Oversized Shirts

Today, my family took out a box full of unused clothes that we'd bought on our vacations a long time ago. I don't really understand why my mother thinks it's a good idea to store them until such time that we've actually forgotten we ever bought these items, but she does. Most of these clothes end up scruffy, and a good portion of them aren't ever worn (oh, the horror!).

However, today must be special because my family decided to open those boxes and take a look at the clothes. It's always fun to see new shirts, pants, and shorts scattered on the floor (in an oddly tidy fashion, and I really can't describe it in any other way). I ended up rummaging for clothes I could take and tuck safely in my closet. Most of the shirts and shorts on the floor were the ones my dad bought, though, and I wasn't able to find anything that fit me.

As I was about to go, a navy blue colored shirt (it doesn't look that way in the picture) caught my attention, and I took it from dad's pile (rather sloppily, hehe). It looked so comfy and nice that I asked my mom if I could have it, and she consented instantly.

Anyway, I forgot where I was going with this, but let me just say that oversized shirts are the best! They are comfier than your regular shirt, and are just generally fun things to wear at home especially when the weather is chilly. It certainly doesn't hurt to wear them outside, either, because as my guy friend says, girls can make anything look cute. (Of course, I'm not saying that females need to look and act cute. We are allowed to wear whatever the heck we want). Shirts that are stolen from your dad and brothers are even better just because.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Rain rain

Rain rain
Don't go away
Stay with me
I don't want to play

You see
I don't feel well
very much
I don't feel well
at all.

Please stay with me
when no one else can see
the troubles or my pleas.


Things I Want to Accomplish This Semestrial Break

1.) Read classic books.
2.) Improve piano skills.
3.) Write.
4.) Play guitar.
5.) Drive.
6.) Draw more.


It's been weeks since we talked; months if you don't count the awkward Hi's and Bye's. Perhaps the last time we participated in any real deep conversation was when I last saw you, before we said goodbye. We promised to keep in touch, but you and I both broke that promise. Still, I remember when the stars were so bright and the sky was full of colours; when our bonds held stronger than chemicals. Had we gotten too busy to remember? Had we made it too easy to forget?

(Written while listening to 'We Are Broken' by Paramore)
(Day 1 of Sembreak 2013)