Sunday, October 20, 2013

Yes to Daddy's Oversized Shirts

Today, my family took out a box full of unused clothes that we'd bought on our vacations a long time ago. I don't really understand why my mother thinks it's a good idea to store them until such time that we've actually forgotten we ever bought these items, but she does. Most of these clothes end up scruffy, and a good portion of them aren't ever worn (oh, the horror!).

However, today must be special because my family decided to open those boxes and take a look at the clothes. It's always fun to see new shirts, pants, and shorts scattered on the floor (in an oddly tidy fashion, and I really can't describe it in any other way). I ended up rummaging for clothes I could take and tuck safely in my closet. Most of the shirts and shorts on the floor were the ones my dad bought, though, and I wasn't able to find anything that fit me.

As I was about to go, a navy blue colored shirt (it doesn't look that way in the picture) caught my attention, and I took it from dad's pile (rather sloppily, hehe). It looked so comfy and nice that I asked my mom if I could have it, and she consented instantly.

Anyway, I forgot where I was going with this, but let me just say that oversized shirts are the best! They are comfier than your regular shirt, and are just generally fun things to wear at home especially when the weather is chilly. It certainly doesn't hurt to wear them outside, either, because as my guy friend says, girls can make anything look cute. (Of course, I'm not saying that females need to look and act cute. We are allowed to wear whatever the heck we want). Shirts that are stolen from your dad and brothers are even better just because.

And that ends my rather ordinary post of the day. I'm writing a different, more serious one right now and did this to refresh myself. I've gotten more serious about blogging and writing (as of the moment, at least), which is why I'm trying to push myself to improve. I mean, I'm not planning to become a reporter of the New York Times or anything, but getting better at writing would be nice, even if that means more cringe-worthy posts to come. :)

(Besides, I have nothing to lose. Nothing can be as cringe worthy as my old posts. Nothing!)