About Me

Hello! This page is about me and why I made this site :)

OKay, Hello everyone! Im Bea and im a regular kid here on Planet EARTH! I was kinda bored this summer 'cause Facebook got boring, my best friend was at another country, and my other friends have other things to do..... So, I started using twitter and did anything to keep me from Being bored (BTW, my twitter is @Bearulez). Sadly, these didn't keep me "UN-BORED"!! I still got bored. As I was browsing the twitter of my schoolmate, I saw her blog and i thought to myself, "Why don't i make a blog myself??". And as you might have guessed....I DID! So okay, that's why there is this site :).

About me?? Im a regular Girl telling the world what her life is about. That's All

I'm bea. I love watching the show AGUA BENDITA. My role model is MILEY CYRUS! okay. oh, and i live in EARTH, SOLAR SYSTEM, MILKYWAY, UNIVERSE. So good luck finding me :).  I'm  pretty young to be posting stuff to a blog.....it doesn't matter! right? Well, Have a good visit here!

The message above was written by my young and naive twelve-year-old self (using a crappy blog app in her iPod touch). I'd like to believe I've matured a lot since then. Of course, at sixteen, I'm still pretty young and naive, but it's a different kind of that. I created this blog a few summers ago, back when I didn't know much about anything (forgive the theatrics). I didn't really give it a second's thought and, well, created it on impulse. You might find more than a few cringe-worthy posts (most of the ones I wrote on 2010-2011) that would be better off deleted, but my sentimental side stops me every time I am about to press the button. Somehow, the grammatical errors, the irrelevant topics I wrote about, all those little things that would annoy others-- they have become nostalgic pieces I cling to. They remind me of who I was some time ago.

This is a collection of my ideas, insights, opinions, inspirations, and occasionally an outlet for intense emotions. This is where I express myself when I can't let my feelings be known to others. This is your peek at a girl's thoughts and struggles as she experiences the ups and downs of life.