Friday, August 1, 2014


The clock has struck
and now I feel
a burst of sensations
shooting from within.

Smiling, thankful, joyous.
I am far from that
bubbly thirteen year old
or angsty fifteen.

I have settled with
this persona
quite amicably.

It's queer-
being older,
as though you have locked
your younger self away

or tweaked how
you are perceived
ever so slightly
but with vastly different responses.

No- sixteen is far too young,
too innocent,
too foolish,
but seventeen is just right

Here, let me take you
to those places
where a day ago
you were unacceptable.

Let me tell you some secrets
for you are now mature
unlike that naive sixteen.
Oh, how big a leap it is!

An odd feeling, indeed.
Nevertheless, i'm getting
a bit used to it

I look to the future
with wide eyes
and to the past
with crinkled ones.

Yes, these experiences
I shan't let go of
that my past selves
may live through me.

For I will always remember
Fourteen's vanity,
Fifteen's sweetness;
Even Twelve's unkindness.

And may I someday
look back on this moment
with fondness.
Thank you for this day!

And thank you for the days to come!