Friday, October 14, 2011

Why is Blogging so Addicting?

Do you ever get that addictive feeling about something? That no matter what circumstances, you always end up coming and coming back to that thing?

Yeah, well, I'm getting that feeling about this blog right now.

I came back here, even though I shouldn't, to blog some more.
Because I'm supposed to be studying.
Because I'm an honor student.
Because I'm a nerd.
Because I'm a RAVENCLAW.

BUT, I'm also a Rebel. (Sort of, In my own little way)

Yes, blogging is almost as addictive as Twitter. (Almost, but not quite)

And today, after that other post about Exam Weeks, I found myself thinking about what other things to post on this blog.

Anyway, We took up Photography in our MAPEH subject this week. Twas really, really FUN! :)
I wish I could post some of the pictures we took in here, but I'm too lazy to get my camera.

That's all for now, I guess.
Until the urge to blog calls again


Exam Weeks

Exam weeks are coming up and I'm getting really, really busy. Here's a quick list of random stuff about me:
1.) I was sorted into Ravenclaw in Pottermore
2.) I'm supposed to be studying now
3.) I started playing the piano again!
4.) I created a Tumblog (though I rarely use it)
5.) I love Bic ballpens!
6.) Logan Lerman and Tom Felton are cool and hot! (okay, so this wasn't really about me, but I just HAD to add this to the list. lol. ;) )
7.) Son of Neptune is out! (another thing I just had to add)
8.) I got addicted to the song, Jar of Hearts
9.) Last night, I dreamt of 3 animes.
10.) Last but not the least, I'M A WIZARD!

time to study now! My books yearn for me.