Friday, October 14, 2011

Exam Weeks

Exam weeks are coming up and I'm getting really, really busy. Here's a quick list of random stuff about me:
1.) I was sorted into Ravenclaw in Pottermore
2.) I'm supposed to be studying now
3.) I started playing the piano again!
4.) I created a Tumblog (though I rarely use it)
5.) I love Bic ballpens!
6.) Logan Lerman and Tom Felton are cool and hot! (okay, so this wasn't really about me, but I just HAD to add this to the list. lol. ;) )
7.) Son of Neptune is out! (another thing I just had to add)
8.) I got addicted to the song, Jar of Hearts
9.) Last night, I dreamt of 3 animes.
10.) Last but not the least, I'M A WIZARD!

time to study now! My books yearn for me.