Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Harry Potter

I've finished reading Harry Potter book 7. It was epic, cool, awesome, unexpected, "suspense-y", crazy, happy, sad, serious, romance-y, tragic, and a lot more indescribable words. The series is so AWESOME and I read the last book wide-eyed. I really, really, really, really, really, reallyX1000 love it!!! :)). I love the horcrux thing and also the hallow thing. Horcruxes or Hallows? The decision is SO hard to make! I would personally choose Hallows because, well, I'm like Dumbledore. We both love power. So, yeah, I think I WOULD make the same mistake as Dumbledore's. On the other hand, choosing Horcruxes would also be wise... (DUH! But I was thinking these things while I was reading the part wherein Harry chooses between Horcruxes and Hallows, so I wouldn't know the WHOLE story yet... Plus, admit it, looking for Hallows would be a lot more mysterious, fun, suspense-y, etc.) I mean, it's the only way to REALLY kill Voldemort (Yeah, I'm not afraid to use that name! :P), right? But even if they do destroyall the horcruxes, Voldemort's power won't change. He'll still be as powerful, right? It wouldn't hurt to have a REALLY powerful wand, a cloak that renders you completely invisible, and a stone that can bring back the dead, right? Hallows or Horcruxes? :3

I also love how Dudley "thanked" Harry before they left. It was SO sweet (For Dudley, of course). Dudley ACTUALLY had some gratitude for Harry and I know, deep inside, deep deep down inside, he knew he would miss Harry. I love how Kreacher became nice and loved for the first time after a long time. I love how Harry gave him the necklace and he turned pleasant (I love the food, too... :) ). And I loved it when Ron RETURNED. It was SOOO heartwarming and SOOO sweeeeeeeeeeet!!! xD xD. I love the plot, the mood, and the unraveling of the story/stories. Oh, and I love brave Neville and Luna.

Poor Petunia (Yes, I actually pity her). She was jealous of her sister but couldn't do anything because she was a "stupid" muggle. I love the whole background on Snape's life. (Sorry but...) I love how Lily "dumped" (not really dumped, but I LIKE it that way) him for James (not really... it was just a coincidence) . Oh, and I love the love-hate-relationship between James and Lily (because, I know, deep inside, Lily LOVES James. She looooovveess James. Oh yeah.)

I also love it when Harry manages to escape at the last second from Voldemort and he (Voldemort) get's SO angry.

Oh, and I like Narcissa Malfoy. (I always did).

I loved it when Harry goes-- "Yes, I dare!" :)). And the line-- "I am the true master of the Elder Wand!" and then...

Expelliarmus WINS! :D

And I love how the wand chooses the wizard, not the other way around.

Death's I hated throughout the series the most:
1.) Sirius (Favorite Character, much!)
2.) Hedwig (Poor Hedwig.. :( )
3.)Lupin (I love all Marauders... except for Wormtail.. eer. that WIMP. :/ )
4.) James and Lily (Poor them.. )
5.) Fred (I still wish he was alive)
6.) Dumbledore (well.... not really since he planned his death)

I started loving the series since book 3. (The one about Sirius)

What I thought while reading..:
1.) Book 1 ( Boooring. I thought Harry Potter was supposed to be the best book ever! Percy Jackson is WAY better than this)
2.) Book 2 (Less boring than book 1, at least. Still not exceptional)
3.) Book 3 (Genius. I love the twist. Awww! Sirius was NICE after all! I hate wormtail. :/)
4.) Book 4 (SO GENIUS! Love it! I am now a Harry Potter fan! Since book 3, actually)
5.) Book 5 (I hate. I mean, It's genius, but why did SIRIUS DIE?? And I hate Umbridge.. And I hate it because nobody believes Harry.. :/)
6.) Book 6 (I love it! I love it! :)). Harry's a little full of himself. I LOVE IT! haha. :) It's sad, but hopeful.)
7.) Book 7 (I think you've read about what I love about 7 from.. ABOVE)

Favorite Characters: (Aside from Harry, Hermione, and Ron, because EVERYBODY loves them. :P)
1.) Sirius
2.) Hedwig
3.) Fred and George
4.) James, Lupin
5.) Luna
6.) Dumbledore
7.) Neville

Favorite Tragic Stories:
1.) Snape-Loves-Lily-But-She-Dumped-Him-For-James. LOL.
2.) Dumbledore-killed-his-sister-for-a-hallow
3.) James-and-Lily-die
4.) Petunia-got-jealous-of-her-sister