Tuesday, March 22, 2011

To Do List:


My to Do List:
1.) Make Letters (I haven't started yet... manana habit!)
2.) Make List of what to pack
3.) PACK (After I've done #2)
4.) Move Detective Conan movies to a C.D. (Manana habit again..)
5.) Buy Harry Potter movie 4
6.) Return K.B's Black Hard Disk thing...
7.) Return N.G.'s Harry Potter book 7 (Manana Habit!)
That's it for now... I'm watching ICARLY right now.

Oh wait...Here's the description of Manana habit in case you don't know... (I got it from Productivepinoy.com)
The Mañana Habit is something that we have learned from the Spaniards. The word "Mañana" means ‘tomorrow’ or ‘specified future time’ also known as “procrastination” in plain English, “mamaya na” in Filipino.

How it Works:

  1. You need to do something now.
  2. But then you decide to do it later.
  3. As a result of the delay, you end up not doing it.
  4. Now, You tell yourself or somebody that you will do it tomorrow.
  5. Tomorrow comes. The same cycle happens.
Watching icarly now. :)