Monday, May 24, 2010

Jimmy Neutron Underwear!!

Yahoo! My friend is back from Japan! :).... OKay, I'm here to tell you what happened tonight...we slept super late at about 2AM.. so, I was reading the "princess diaries" novel (i'm at number 7 already). And I came across someting really funny! Mia(the main character), was wearing Jimmy Neutron underwear and something like that....(DO YOU KNOW JIMMY NEUTRON???). I laughed so hard (usually I laugh in my head when I laugh when reading novels) But this time, I laughed so hard, that I laughed in REAL life and even said "EEW HAHA", and everyone just stared at me and my brother called me LAME. So that's it. Haha. That's what happened last night :D!!