Monday, May 31, 2010

Dvbs buzz

Hey pepz!,
Okay, so........
Joke, I'm just foolin around. I'm home from dvbs! As in DAILY VACATION BIBLE STUDY! so you go there every day until Friday. Hey, I just found out one more thing! I'm lactose intolerant! Yep, had a trip with a squishy yellow submarine last night ;). Where was I? Oh yeah! Yeah! I'm back from dvbs! As in DAILY VACATION BIBLE STUDY!! wait, what?? Dajavu! Haha— kidding here ;). Now I woke up early and took a bath and the jeepney was supposed to pick us up!! Buy it didn't! So, yes, we drove there on the car! And, yes, we were late, but that's ok, cause were "FASIONABLY LATE" *winks* ;). so, as I was saying, we then went there and I saw my classmates. And we made this lizard art thingie and we went hooommee! But it took toooo long for the jeep to take us home! Like we were the 2nd last to go home. So now, I'm just writing this and drinking ice cold iced tea! ;)