Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bea's supposed "diary" of HS day 1

Hey! :)
I've just decided to upload my English assignment. I know it's gonna be corny, cheesy, lame, etc. Well, yeah, I admit it is. Our English teacher made us *FORCED US* to write a diary. For her. To SEE. It's a really bad idea. As far as I know, diaries are PRIVATE. Still, I was forced to make this diary thing. I can't even say my TRUE feelings because if I did, I will get a low grade. (duh)You can't really express yourself well when you know there is a grammar-should-always-be-perfect, anti-young-people teacher who is going to read your work. So yeah, don't ask me if it's lame. I can't give my NATURAL comments i would USUALLY give. I mean, you can't say "girl-1 is ugly" when a TEACHER is going to read it. alright! here we go:

It seemed only yesterday when i went to school as a high schooler. Now, it's February, and the school year is about to end. But, I can still vividly remember my first day in high school.
I wore a new uniform with a long necktie, which I didn't know how to tie. I ended up bringing it to school and asking a 2nd year student to tie it for me. The uniform made me feel uneasy. It looked good on me, but it also looked kind if weird. I wasn't used to it and somehow, it made me feel a little more mature. Nevertheless, I got a lot of complements.
When I first entered the classroom, heads turned. Everyone was staring at each other, judging how each one looked with the new uniform on.
After a 2-month summer break, I realized how much I grew. I am now the tallest in class (hopefully not the thinnest). Maegan sported a new hairdo. Some of my classmates looked the same. Others, as immature as ever--laughing loudly and chasing each other. I got a little annoyed when our teacher remarked "so elementary" when she saw us acting that way.
6 of our former classmates transferred to Aquinas. I feel a bit sad because my best friend, Camille, was one of them. I missed our gossip, notes , and meaningful stares. Four new faces turned up, though.
As of this moment, I feel overwhelmed by the new responsibilities expected me, as a high school student. There are times when i miss my old elementary days. But, I am keeping an open heart to learning and I am doing my best meet these expectations because where there are rights and privileges, there will also be corresponding responsibilities. No matter what comes with being a high school student, I'll be smarter, I'll be stronger, I'll be ready. :)