Friday, February 4, 2011

What happened to our Project "Meeting"

Hey Everyone,

It's a lazy saturday for me today. Why? Because I'm a LAZY FREAK. ha~ha. I've got nothing to do but read, tweet, read some more, and hopefully, tweet some more. Anyway, I decided to blog right now. (It's fun)

Yesterday, our science project meeting went WRONG and CRAZY. We were supposed to meet at 3pm. 9 people. Most of them got excuses so that they won't attend. Uggh! I hate people who make up excuses! I'm gonna put their excuses here.

Girl1 (me): No excuse. I CAME there
Girl2 : No excuses too, she CAME
Girl3: Nobody can take her there! Her father is gone! I forced her to come and she came. Late. (See? When there's a Will, there's A WAY!)
Girl4: Her mom was in a "Really bad mood with her" so she couldn't ask her mom.
Girl5: She's not feeling well.
Girl6: She's not here. She "went somewhere"
Gir7: Went swimming in a far place (This isn't an excuse! She did her pleasures over schoolwork!)
Girl8: Went with Girl7, but they're OK cause they both came anyway.
Girl9: I don't know

So, Yeah, I got mad. We're gonna finish it on Monday. I've got nothing to do right now.

Bea's Top 3 Most Wanted Places to Visit As of The Moment:
1.) New York (I Love NY! The Coolest Place on earth! xD)
2.) Japan (Because I love Japanese Culture. Period. Nuff Said.)
3.) Bacolod (Loved that place Since Birth. Since BIRTH.)

Oh, I'm going to finish my Gensci Project now

Rock on