Friday, February 25, 2011

Cookies and Percy Jackson


Today was a C-R-E-A-T-I-V-E day! :)). I woke up from a dream concerning me, a friend, and blue cookies. Anyway, I woke up and had a sudden craving for BLUE COOKIES (Crazy Idea). I don't know how to bake BLUE COOKIES (So if you have any idea how to, tell me @bearulez) except bake regular cookies and put food coloring (Won't it, then, be brownish-blue cookies?). I suddenly got this "INSPIRATION" (If that's what you call it) to make a blue paper-mache cookie. Right now, i'm waiting for it to DRY.

Remember my "Harry Potter and Percy Jackson tissue tubes"? Yeah, well I had this other idea. I took more empty tubes and drew more Percy Jackson Character faces on them. So, now, I've got Percy, Annabeth and Thalia. I plan to make the whole cast/characters of Percy Jackson. This'll be fun! :D... I'm gonna upload a photo of it, maybe later because I'm too lazy right now. Don't blame me. :))

BEA's ART PROJECTS FOR TODAY (February 25, 2011):
1.) Percy Jackson tissue tubes
2.) Cookie Paper-mache

Stay tuned.