Saturday, February 4, 2012


I was gonna blog about our 5th national tour to Cebu and Bohol, which was 75% fun by the way, but I changed my mind. I'm too lazy to narrate our oh-so-interesting adventure there.
Anyway, I recently got addicted to this band.
Which starts with P and ends with MORE.
Nah, I was kidding, and even though that "joke" was as corny as it could get, it randomly popped into my mind.
And so I HAD to type it.
Anyway, everyone can pretty much guess what it was, at first sight.
Seriously? Paramore.

Probably because it's not too rock-ish, or it's not trying too hard to ROCK.

You see, I usually don't like noisy rock songs. The ones with crazy drum combos, electric guitar, and screaming. Lots of screaming.

I've never really appreciated ROCK (as a genre), but Paramore changed me, in some ways.

My addiction was the gradual kind, where I randomly listened to The Only Exception.
Only to find myself listening to it again later that day. And later that evening.
And the next day.
And then "randomly" searching for other awesome Paramore songs.
And then listening to That's What You Get.
Again. And Again. And Again.
And then listening to other Paramore songs.
And the cycle goes on and on.
And then one day, I just realize.
WOW. I'm hooked.

Hayley Williams is just so inspiring, you know? She wears nothing but t-shirts, pants, and converse, but she stands out. All she does is sing and flip her hair, and yet we can immediately see her rocker attitude.

PARAMORE is an awesome band.
And I feel bad for appreciating it only now.
Oh, the years I wasted. :P