Friday, January 6, 2012

Teachers are Sadist

Okay, not all of them, but some of them are.
Seriously, I don't understand WHY they do that. Making life 10x harder for us, just because they can. Do they feel so low in life, that torturing us makes them feel superior, thus relieving their pain? Why do they feel like everyone is out to get them? Or are they just THIS insecure? What do they get from all this? Pleasure? Definitely sadist.

One of my teachers actually HAS an evil laugh. I am not joking. One day, if I ever decide to write a novel, I'm going to base someone on her, because she is the perfect villain role model.

Back to the topic, didn't they ever think for a second, that life might be easier (way easier) for them if they started being... Civil? I guess not.

Sometimes, I do feel sorry for them. I mean, their lives are so much worse than mine. So I shouldn't have a reason to hate or judge them. But, sometimes, they are so mean, so evil, you just can't. Ever get that feeling?

And do you ever get the thought, that one day, you will grow up, and be a rich, influential person, and get your "payback" on them?

I just really, hate those kinds of teachers, because teachers are supposed to be perfect, or almost perfect. I mean, they teach us most of the important things, and they are so knowledgable. And, teachers are... Mentors.

I don't think sadist teachers have no lives. I think the ones they DO have, sucks.