Saturday, January 7, 2012

This Week's Doodles

Here's the thing.
I love to draw. Anywhere. Anytime.
Doodle. Sketch. Cartoon. Everything.
I draw on pad papers, my notebooks, my books, my ARM.
Here are a bunch of stuff I drew today and yesterday.
Just wanted to post them here. :)

Drawn yesterday morning in my Chinese book. I like her eyes. :)))

Drawn this morning, in the next page of my Chinese book. LOL. You know that sort of anime scene, where a really pretty girl with long hair jumps at night, and you see the dark sky, and usually a moon behind her? I wanted to create something like it. Anyway, the hand's not really well drawn, but I suck at hands , so it's pretty ok. No feet cause I think it will ruin the drawing, and I wan't able to put eyes, 'cause it's hard to draw without teacher noticing.
I really like this drawing. Drawn yesterday. I was actually going to draw a uniform only, but  I ended up adding arms, legs, and the rest of the body. Her eyes are covered by her bangs, and I love her hair. What I love the most though, is that hot sadistic smile. Mann, she's sadist.
Here is a zoomed in version. Don't you love that smile? :)

It's just that, one second my hand is still, and the next second, it's working on it's next masterpiece. I sometimes draw unconsciously. I swear my hands have a mind of their own.