Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The usual morning lineup...

Story of my life.
Because, really, when will my life begin?
I feel like I'm waiting for something to happen. My life is waiting for an adventure.

I mean it in the sense that most of my friends have deep, tragic stories and events that changed their lives forever, and here I am... waving a "Hey, I'm a happy person" flag. Not that nothing bad has ever happened to me. I've had my share of depression days, of course, but they've come and gone, and I wasn't severely affected by them.

Everyone else has these sob stories of them loving someone for 7777 years, and being friend zoned, and having to deal with the pain everyday and pretend it's okay-- that sort. Or having abusive parents who never really cared for them.

Not me. I had a happy childhood; only had 2 crushes in my entire life (pitiful, I know); did the friend zoning...

And this in turn makes me wonder if my life is that pitiful, or if it's me.
I do have family problems. Not the abusive parents kind, but if there's anyone at home who squabbles with my parent's the most, it's me. Let's call me the black ship. I am the kind of person who speaks her mind bluntly and shamelessly, and sometimes this gets interpreted as disrespect. That and other things I'd rather not talk about. But situations have been turned against me, and I know for a fact that there have been times in which things were not fair.

What I'm saying is that it's not always paradise here at home, but for some reason, I can cope with it. I really can. I can brush things off and carry on with being the happy person I am.

And there are only two ways that is possible. Either I really am a strong person, or I don't have it as rough as others. I'm willing to bet on both.

Another thing that might have contributed to my non-eventful life is my logicality. I'm not a stupid girl, and I don't fall in love easily. Actually, I don't fall in love at  all (or yet). I won't rush into things and I more or less won't do anything stupid. The bad thing about that is that playing safe doesn't get you very far.

Maybe it's time to start taking risks. It's high time for me to escape mother Gothel's tower. And perhaps I'll find my prince charming, or get captured by villains-- it'll be an adventure either way.

Life, come at me.