Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dignity, I found out, comes with a high price

It is never a good idea to post a 'vain' photo of a girl, and make parody shots out of it. Especially when that girl is PMSing. Especially when the said girl isn't really vain, and the pictures were the only ones she took in her entire laptop career. Especially when she took those photos for very specific purposes such as testing her laptop camera.

But that didn't stop my brother. Neither did his conscience, which I now know is nonexistent.

It was a horrible, horrible deed, and it came with a price-- which, unfortunately, was my dignity.

Sigh. It also reduced me to a wailing dignity-less turtle for the rest of the day.

I wasn't even doing any duck faces or those weird camera angles. I was simply SMILING. But my brother made it look like I was one of those girls (no offense).

I made my mom force my brother into deleting the said photo before any other people saw it (2-3 have already). Still, what's been posted has been posted, and if there's anything I've learned in my years of using the internet, what gets uploaded can never be totally removed.

The internet leaves traces, people. That's the sad truth.

I just hope I was able to get it down before anyone was able to download it.

And where am I now, you ask? Here in the bathroom floor typing this entire thing before I forget.

It's also a good way to release my peelings! You read that right.

Back to the topic, think before you post, and don't ever leave your Facebook account open.

And if you can, move on with your life. :(