Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sembreak Has Begun

I'm freeeeeeeeeeee.

Free like a butterfly!
I literally pranced around my house, running to empty rooms and screaming "I'm freeeeeeeee" before everything went down and the house lost power.

I spent the entire afternoon trying to find ways to entertain myself and not die because one can only live without technology for so long. Worst of all, my ipod touch and laptop batteries died and I had nothing but an old Nokia phone to keep me busy (not that I hate it, of course. I wouldn't trade my 3 year old phone for all the smartphones in the world). Ironic, because I have NO texting life. Zero. Zippo. Dead.

After jumping around the house (yet again) and venting out my frustration in general, I... well... tried to keep myself busy.

With the piano.

And after that, I went biking. It's been a really long time since I last rode a bike. I'd forgotten how wonderful the feeling is-- the feeling of wind drifting through your face and letting it set your hair free. And you sit on the bike, feeling like you can conquer the world and nothing can stop you if they tried. But because it's been a year (a year!) since I last rode a bike and half a year since I last got decent exercise, the biking drained me.

Next up, I decided to read Artemis Fowl. The funny thing about me and Artemis Fowl is that I've always tried to read it a day before a trip. I never get through the first part because I find it utterly boring (sue me!) and by the time I've (probably) finished the 'boring' part, I've already bought new books that will have kept me entertained and I end up forgetting about it. Yes, I'm going on a trip tomorrow. The cycle repeats.

After that, I watched my brother play minecraft, singing a Harry Potter song and freaking him out.

And the power finally, finally came back. About time, too. My brother and I yelled at the same time and I was like, "I LIVED THROUGH IT!"

And everything's been good. :)