Thursday, December 12, 2013

Intense Questions from Tumblr

I came across this while browsing on tumblr. Seemed fun. I'll do A to G first, and the rest later.

  • A. If you could get away with one murder in your lifetime without any legal, social, or emotional repercussions, would you kill someone?
  • I was trying to think of someone I wanted to kill or a reason to murder, but nothing came up. Nope.

  • B. What is your first thought when you receive a message on Tumblr, are you excited for the idea of someone from potentially the other side of the world wanting to talk to you or fearful that someone will criticize you?
  • Really excited. :) I don't get messages often, so every message is special.

  • C. Have you ever looked down on someone because you thought your religious views were superior?
  • Possibly when I was young, but nope nope nope.

  • D. Would you rather know everything the universe has to offer but in exchange lose all emotions or remain the way you are now?
  • What is there to be gained from knowing everything in the universe? I mean, humans are naturally curious. We love exploring ,discovering, and witnessing the world around us. Knowing everything wouldn't make life more fun or exciting. It would make it boring and useless, since... well, you'd be able to predict everything. What else do we humans thrive on?

  • E. If you could live and be healthy without sleeping or eating/drinking, which would you cut out of your life?
  • Sleeping definitely. Imagine not ever running out of energy, and being able to consciously experience twice as many hours a day. Of course, I'd miss having dreams, but I can live on my imagination and daydreams.

  • F. If you could take on the exact body and form of anyone else on Earth, who would it be?
  • Toughie. Perhaps a famous tall actress from the opposite side of the world or a basketball player just because I want to be strong and sporty.

  • G. Would you rather burn or freeze to death?
  • Depends on who I'm with. If I'm with family, freezing to death seems like the better option, because I'd be able to hug them and say my last words, anything that needs to be said before dying. If alone, burn because it would be quicker.

  • H. If it meant it would solve all world hunger, war, disease and bigotry, would you spend the rest of eternity in Hell?
  • No. I'm too selfish to do that. 

  • I. Was the first crush in your life something you had or something someone had on you?
  • Something someone had on me. :)

That's it for today!