Friday, December 20, 2013

Gamer Girls

Give me a moment to rant about this:

I saw a status on Facebook in which someone asked if people preferred 'gamer girlfriends' or 'chicks'. This girl's post was going along the lines of- non-gamer girlfriends indulged themselves in 'typical girl shit' and gamer girls were better than 'regular' girls. She didn't consider herself to be part of the female population and therefore immune to whatever insult she threw at the rest of us.

I know that the status wasn't meant to be offensive in any way, and I have nothing against girl gamers, but this way of thinking, to me, is just... I dunno, insolent and narcissistic?

It's as though being a 'girl gamer' magically makes one special and above all the other girls out there, as though one's personality is irrelevant, and a woman's value can be determined by a label she associates herself with. This goes for all 'types of girls' out there - weirdos, hipsters, nerds, heavy metal fans, fangirls, etc.

At the end of the day, what makes you special is you. This line is horribly cliche, but it's something a huge number of people hear but don't understand. When you refuse to change yourself, when you refuse to consort to the standard of society, you are unique. You are special.

So, stop believing that gamer girls are special because they enjoy hardcore games and 'typical girls can't'. They are special in the same way that everyone else is. Let us not associate ourselves with a label so much that it overrides everything else and becomes the only thing we are- writers tend to avoid those kinds of characters because they are one-dimensional. Humans are complex. Be complex, embrace every part of yourself, and don't put down others who might not like the same things as you do.

Everyone is and should be more than a label.