Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I went to Singapore this summer!

And it was cool! The architecture was amazing!
I'm too lazy to make a long post so here are the highlights of the trip.

  • The architecture. (One of my dreams is to become an architect so I pay really close attention to buildings, structures, etc, and the buildings here were... wow).

  • Universal Studios (I love amusement parks! I tested my roller-coaster-riding limits and rode the one in the picture. The blue one is the tallest roller coaster in the world. Sadly, I took the red one first and wasn't able to take the blue one because of lack of time. Darn it! Next time for sure!)

  • Marina Bay Sands (this hotel is fabulous! :P)
  • The Script Concert (this was probably the best part of the trip. I'm going to make another post for this because it has a loooong story-- too long for this post).

Danny my love
  • Meeting my cousins. (Awesome athletic people and when I say athletic, I mean it. I'm not talking about 'good at sports'. I'm talking about 'I'm representing my team in the national/international competition')
Anyway, as you might deduce (or not because its obvious), I love Singapore! yay!