Wednesday, April 3, 2013

How To Get The Script To Follow You

Let's start this post by saying that the first concert I ever went to was by The Script.
Let's continue the thought by saying I didn't plan on going to the concert. It was a last minute thing.

Our family was visiting our relatives in Singapore. We went to this Computer mall to buy random shiz. Since we were staying at this fancy hotel with a cool pool *cough* Marina Bay Sands *cough* and my cousin was a swimmer athlete, mom suggested that they come swim with us.

Then, my aunt said that our girl cousin had a concert to attend.
When I found out that The Script was going to Singapore to perform that night, I freaked out.

Yes, I really wanted to come. Who wouldn't?

So, anyway, it was awesome! My seat didn't have a good view, though, because the concert was almost sold-out.

What I did, the smart (AKA Common Sense-ful) cookie that I am, was to leave my seat entirely and just stand up for the entire duration. No regrets

Old View

New View

After that, we went back to our hotel. I was still crazy over The Script at that point, and I wished wished wished with all my heart that they stay at my hotel.

My cousins came with me to the elevators then we split up.

Approximately one hour after that, my mom checked her phone. It was a message from my cousin...

Telling me that they saw The Script while going outside. At my hotel. (!!!)
My dad wouldn't let me wait outside the bar because it was about 12:30am at that point. He was also scared that I'd be kidnapped, which was ridiculous because 1. It was a high-class hotel. 2. We were in Singapore.

But anyway, I resorted to tweeting The Script to come to my room so I could take a picture with them. Don't judge. I was in a fragile state and desperate!

I tweeted over 80 times in 3 hours, and this happened.

What the heck?!?!??!?!?

It isn't as good as taking a picture with them and meeting them but it's good enough. :)

So, dream high, whoever is reading this. Persevere. Anything can happen.