Saturday, March 2, 2013

Odd Sense of Comfort

I have the best brother in the world. I want to thank him for not being a nagging old woman; for simply being himself, and not pitying me when I'm in a bad mood... and I know that he knows when my mood is sour, but he doesn't ever show it. Like right now, he sort of cheered me up unconsciously ... idk just the feeling that he's going to listen to you without comment and go his merry way. And that's all he's for-- to listen to your rants; not to give you advice or anything, but just to be there for you without ever stating it.

Just the feeling when you're really pissed about something, and he knows you are, but he ends up talking about Pokemon and DS-es and asks if you want to watch him play Team Fortress... as if he has completely no idea of what just happened to you, but you know he does. And that's about the best thing anyone could do for you, you know?