Friday, May 27, 2011

Thoughts about CHINA

I'm back! :D.
The place we went for the study tour, by the way, was CHINA!
CHINA, Zhong Guo!
Anyway, we spent nearly 2 months there, studying Chinese. It wasn't as bad/boring as you think. I mean, I HAVE met a LOT of friends there, and we WERE featured on local T.V, so i'm not complaining. :P.
Of course, it wasn't exactly a breeze in the park, either. I mean, we had to live WITHOUT internet.... without TWITTER! (I'm still kind of amazed I survived that.. O.o) Plus, the dorm rooms weren't exactly clean... Maybe I should make a list..

1.) I learned Chinese. (Because, whether I like it or not, I am a nerd, and I love learning)
2.) I met new people. (I miss them already... :/)
3.) I got the taste of the dorm life. (although that isn't exactly a good thing... let's just place the good points of living the dorm life here for now..)
4.) I learned Wu Shu. (This, I really like! "Kung fu" was fun! Hyaa!)
5.) It's parent free. (I still missed them, of course... but..)
6.) I got to buy clothes, and new stuff. (I AM A SHOPAHOLIC!!)
7.) I was able to get to know my schoolmates more. (And we became CLOSE! :D)
8.) I earned new experiences and memories.

1.) School.... on SUMMER?!?? (No student likes school on summer, not even a nerd like me)
2.) No sleep. (Seriously, I sleep 8 hours at most, usually 6 hours. I wake up at 5:30/6:00am. How am I supposed to GROW?)
3.) The food SUCKS! (As in I feel puke~ish every morning. They serve the same food EVERY DAY! Gahh! It was horrible. :O!!)
4.) I got the taste of the dorm life. (The bad parts of it. As in cleaning the toilets *eeewww* , killing cockroaches, cleaning your room, killing bugs, hard beds, smelly "things", and some other horrible things I probably shouldn't mention)
5.) No Internet. (Probably the worst of my china problems.... I CAN'T live without TWITTER, or FANFICTION! I died of boredom and got reborn..)
6.) Strict teachers. (Strict teachers. End of sentence)
7.) Horrible chinese music. (It was so horrible that it became funny. I mean, the tone was really funny and we would sing it just for laughs)
8.) Sometimes, we get TOO close. (There is NO personal space here. You can't do anything in private. There is ALWAYS someone with you.. Not that I didn't like my friends' companies... But I need to be alone sometimes, too)
9.) Smelly G.I. s (G.I.=Genuine Inchick. They really do have a smell. I think they take a bath once a week. I mean, they wear the same clothes every day! No exaggeration there! )
10.) No fruits. (When I say "fruit", I mean Indian mango. I love Indian mangoes!!!!!!!!!)

1.) Chinese
2.) Wu Shu & Aerobics
3.) Not to slide down random poles. (I got a scar after a nasty fall...)
4.) That G.I.s are really bad singers.
5.) A poem called "Rong Chi Zai Xin Zhong".
6.) That people can creep up on you in real life. (I didn't think it was possible. But someone did. And now I like her :D)
7.) How to kill roaches. (Well, not really... there are a lot of roaches here at home, too...)
8.) Do not jump on beds if you do not know how hard they are. (Or you might get a CARD-ACHE! ~don't try to figure that out...)
9.) How short G.I.s are.
10.) How to do a Reetaw Key (wrong spelling intended to mask her name) smile.
11.) Chinese Chess.
12.) Never give in on bargaining.
13.) That people aren't who they seem to be. (Really True)
14.) That time flies by quickly.
15.) How to train your dragon. (ERAGON!!~ haha... Don't try to "get" this, either)

Overall, I liked coming to china and I don't regret choosing to. I met a lot of people, learned chinese, and had fun. It was a great summer! Maybe one or the best! :D

That's all for now.