Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Twilight in Sparkles

Summary of the Twilight Saga: Edward Sparkles.
It all started one day, when Edward was ballet dancing in his secret shiny, dance meadow, where he was free to be himself. What he didn't know of course, was that Bella, the muggle, was watching, and she instantly fell in love with him. Then, Bella tries to DO something, so she called Jacob to fight Edward, because it's dangerous, and she wants to hear velvet. So Edward and Jacob fight, and the Volturi  Voldemort AVADA KEDAVRAs them.
The End.

Please ignore my crappy story up there. It just seemed like the perfect thing to do (and I know this doesn't make sense).
Anyway, I just finished reading the Twilight Saga a few days ago, and honestly speaking, it didn't suck as much as I thought it would. Sure, Bella made stupid decisions sometimes, but the plot was pretty good (if we're not going to compare it to the Potter series. But, seriously, how could ANYTHING compare to the POTTER series?). 

Let's see, I pretty much liked the first book of the series. The way Edward takes interest in CLUMSY Bella. The action. Alice. The sexual tension (there was a bit of it, I think). And, as my friend puts it, It showed a lot of promise.

I didn't hate the second book, though I probably would, or SHOULD have. Maybe it's because I got a warning before reading the books, that Twilight would suck. That Bella would be annoying. And maybe that's why, I didn't hate it. Because, maybe, my brain prepared itself for the annoying parts, and that's why they didn't come (for me). But yeah, I DID find some parts really boring, but the last part paid off. And I really liked the idea that it was BELLA coming to save EDWARD this time, and not the other way around. GIRL POWER! I wan't annoyed when Bella did those daredevil stunts because, somehow, I was as desperate as her to hear Edward's voice. Anyway, Book 2 was probably the worst of the books.

Eclipse, plot-wise, would've been great, but I just didn't like the story there, because there are SO many irritating fights. LIKE, UGH! Why does Jacob have to force himself on Bella, when it's SO obvious that he's no match for Vamp Edward. One of the only events I liked in Eclipse, was when Bella accepted Edward's proposal. HE SHINED LIKE A TRUE VAMPIRE.

Then, the last book, Breaking Dawn. I split it into 2 parts. The part before Renesmee was born, and the part after. Book 4 was really great, in the sense that it kept you hooked, and you wanted to read, and read (in the last part, at least). The first part was REALLY sad, and everything seemed wrong. AND I DIDN'T LIKE OLD EDWARD! Then, Jacob seemed like an emo git... or something like that. But part 2, PART 2 was COOL! It was so action packed, and Bella was strong. :))

1.) I actually thought that the wolves were LITERALLY invisible to Alice. I only realized that she could PHYSICALLY see them a few days after FINISHING the series. Imagine.
2.) I couldn't take Edward's sparkles seriously. It's just one of those things that was ruined by all the hate. I LAUGH, every time he sparkles.
3.) I started calling my friend a vampire, because she GLARES, and has inhuman beauty, and... SPARKLES! 

Well, that's the end of this particularly shiny post